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Becky Chambers takes #spaceoddity and gives it heart and dimension. The universe is vast, but her stories are really about the little moments. Lots of warm conversation and self-reflection, and she always makes me tear up at least once. I just love her. I'll plug her books every chance I get. 🖤

@Cinfhen @rohit-sawant

GypsyKat I have the first two on my Kindle TBR! 4y
readordierachel @GypsyKat I hope you like them when you get to them! (I loved the second even more than the first) 4y
Cinfhen I‘ve seen loads of #LitsyLove for these books but I couldn‘t get into them 😬 4y
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Tanisha_A I love this collage. 😍 4y
Katerina I love these books too 😍 I was a bit disappointed at first that the second was not a direct continuation of the first, but then it didn't matter at all. She has created a great universe and I hope we'll get to see much more of it. 4y
rohit-sawant This sounds wonderful! 4y
GypsyKat @readordierachel I have them already, I just haven‘t read them yet. I feel sure that I‘ll love them! 4y
readordierachel @Cinfhen It took me a little bit to get into the first book, but once I was into it, I was INTO it. But we all have different tastes, and that's what makes reading fun! 4y
readordierachel @Katerina Same on all counts! I ended up loving the second one even more than the first. Can't wait to see where she goes next! 4y
readordierachel @rohit-sawant She's a really talented author! Space opera that manages to be grand and intimate at the same time. 4y
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#MayMovieMagic #SpaceOddity

All the creatures who live in a Galaxy far far away are a bit of an oddity, at least to our current scientific exploration!

Ravenclawsbookshelf I love how fun these look! 4y
CrowCAH @Ravenclawsbookshelf they‘re great, short and sweet! And perfect to read out loud to a child with sound effects! 4y
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The Girls from Planet 5 | Richard Wilson
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I found this book in a little free library and couldn‘t resist taking it home but I haven‘t read it yet! #spaceoddity #maymoviemagic
This also works for #beautiful #amonthofsongs

OriginalCyn620 👌🏻📚🎶 4y
Cinfhen What a fabulous find 🥰 4y
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The Martian | Andy Weir
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I read this last year. I really didn‘t fancy it but it fitted prompts in 2 different challenges; I ended up really enjoying it!

Cinfhen I thought this was a pretty crafty read 🚀 4y
rohit-sawant Nice one! 4y
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Cinfhen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 4y
rohit-sawant Great pick! Loved this one. 4y
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The Bowie companion | Elizabeth Thomson, David Gutman
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Interesting essay about #spaceoddity in this book.

Cinfhen Is this from hubby‘s shelf??? 4y
TrishB @Cinfhen of course 😁 4y
rohit-sawant 🖤🙌🏼🖤 4y
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Space Dumplins | Craig Thompson
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A few #spaceoddity graphic novels I pulled off the kids' shelf. I haven't read either. ?
I tend to prefer "quiet novels about ordinary life" and few of them seem to take place in space. ?
#maymoviemagic @Cinfhen @rohit-sawant

merelybookish Another one my son loved that I couldn't find. 4y
Cinfhen Fun choices 4y
UwannaPublishme 😁😁😁 4y
rohit-sawant These seem fun! 4y
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It | Stephen King
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“I‘m the Turtle, son. I made the universe, but please don‘t blame me for it; I had a belly-ache.”

So pumped for IT: chapter 2 and can't wait to see how the filmmakers portray a #SpaceOddity (Featured in The Secret Life of Walter Mitty) Bill encounters in the form of Maturin, a cosmic turtle. I'm really hoping it'll be somewhat like Nolan's Interstellar on crack.

Heideschrampf Hahahaha i might have to start watching after all 4y
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#SpaceOddity #MayMovieMagic
Ground control to Major Tim.
@rohit-sawant @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Ha 4y
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