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I thought this would be fun for all you #santagoespostalstalkers out there: book picks, What Should I Read Next style. Three books you love, one book you don‘t. I‘ll leave mine & my reasons in the comments, along with some other picks that, in my mind, have the same vibe to them, cause a book nerd can‘t stick to just one pick. 🤓 Play along if you‘d like.

Amandajoy I love this one. A sweeping epic story that covers so many historical events. I don‘t even mind it being a little too coincidental sometimes, I just love a good story you can sink into and lose yourself in. Honorable mentions in this section go to: Lonesome Dove, Homegoing, & Americanah. 8mo
Amandajoy This is an engaging story & a little quirky (though that may be a little too sweet a word for this one). I like that it looks at things from a different perspective in a story that keeps the pages turning. Bonus points for the feminist & anti-diet tones in it. Honorable mentions go to: Sourdough, Eleanor Oliohant, & Lillian Boxfish Takes a Walk. 8mo
Amandajoy I love good non-fiction and this one kept me entertained & had me annoying my fiancé with random facts. I love well researched books with a distinct viewpoint & this one delivered. As a dietitian, I especially loved the diet section which reminded me that the crazy things people do to lose weight is not a new thing. Honorable mentions go to: Lab Girl, Evicted, Just Mercy. 8mo
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Amandajoy I recognize this is an important piece of genre literature & literature in general, it‘s just not for me. I struggle with the high fantasy books that have a lot of world building. I feel like there‘s s lot of blank spots & I can‘t see the whole picture in my mind. I‘m not saying this is bad, just not for me. 8mo
BookNAround I love this! I need to play along but I‘ll have to think about it. 8mo
Amandajoy @BookNAround that‘s the beauty of starting it, I got to think awhile first. I also stuck to books I‘ve read in the last few years to make it easier. 😉 8mo
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