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Blackout | Ragnar Jonasson
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This was yet another brilliant Ari Thor, but not my favorite, even though it was accompanied by a delightful little snack #atethewholepie #readinonesitting

Darkness: A Thriller | Ragnar Jonasson
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Ugh I love when murder mysteries are layered and slightly depressing in a fascinating and realistic way #darkdarkdark I also love chain swallowing vegan sugar cookies #happyholidays

Snowblind: A Thriller | Ragnar Jonasson

Ragnar Jónasson‘s debut Nordic Noir crime thriller (translated into English by Quentin Bates and the first in a series) makes full use of its atmospheric location to create a sense of choking claustrophobia but the plot meanders and I found myself bored by the emotionally immature Ari Thór and his girlfriend woes, especially as Ari Thór‘s investigation is driven more by happenstance by evidence, such that I am unlikely to check out the sequel.

Darkness: A Thriller | Ragnar Jonasson

This Icelandic crime novel had a twist ending I never saw coming, nor seen in any other novel. You should read it just for that! Hulda is a detective forced into early retirement who picks a cold case to close out her career. Like all good scandicrime novels, this one has multi-generational trauma, buried secrets, international sex trafficking, and a hard-boiled detective who lives in shades of gray.

Darkness: A Thriller | Ragnar Jonasson
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Reasonably good detective thriller. Very quick read, easy on the mind you might say.

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Reposted for @MrBook
Time for the bookish discussion question of the day 😁👏🏻👏🏻! Here it is: Which thematic suggestions do you recommend?! (As broad or niche as you want.)

I don‘t know if this already happens on Litsy, but I‘m thinking of putting together a loose-knit thematic book club here for 2020. We pick our own title for that month‘s theme, theme examples: Victorian; Book Over 500 Pages; Pulitzer Prize Winner; Magical Realms.

Andrew65 Offer suggestions here in the comments. I‘ll add them all to a bucket and randomly pull out 12, and each pick will be one month‘s theme. Make them as vague, specific, boring, or zany as you want, lol, that‘s part of the fun!

Please share with others so we can get as many suggestions from as many amazing Littens‘ minds as possible. 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
OriginalCyn620 Off the top of my head: banned books, around the world, page to screen, title words (examples would be the title has to include an animal, a color, a number, etc). Can‘t wait to see other ideas! 3w
Crazeedi Set in a certain country(pick what country), first book by an author, a certain color cover(pick the color), book written by a two or more authors, 3w
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Crazeedi Author born after 1950, or born before 1950, book set in a certain century or era, 3w
rubyslippersreads @andrew65 @MrBook Narrated by an animal; fiction or NF about old Hollywood; fiction/NF about the same subject (an example might be a Philippa Gregory book about a historical royal paired with a biography of that same royal); a book in a genre you swore you‘d never read; the first book you see in your feed when you open Litsy; your very favorite book. 3w
Andrew65 Books set in different countries or continents, books written by authors from different countries or continents, books with lead female detective, book from a new author, first book by an author, books by a particular author, books with a beautiful cover, books that should have won an award, favourite book or author, books published in a particular year or decade. 3w
EadieB @Andrew65 I think for next year the theme should be - Books set in Nordic countries - that way we are all set! 3w
Andrew65 @EadieB Yes great idea! Or new authors or first book in a series, or books set in Europe. 😂 3w
TheBookHippie Lol I posted on Mr Book not here but I do love the idea!!!! 3w
Andrew65 Some good responses here @MrBook 3w
gradcat @Andrew65 Please let me know if you decide to do this. I would be very interested...it sounds like something I would better be able to handle than other challenges. I‘d be all in with you if you do it! 3w
gradcat @MrBook Oh, I got confused! See above message to @Andrew65 and consider it addressed to you, too. Plus, I love Andrew‘s ideas, and of course, I‘m definitely committed to @EadieB #NordicNoir ♥️♥️♥️👍👍👍 3w
Andrew65 @gradcat I‘m sure I‘ll be joining @MrBook on this great venture. I feel sorry for Jason trying to narrow down all the suggestions. 😂 3w
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Untitled | Unknown
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@gradcat @EadieB @Andrew65 @Tove_Reads
I'm getting more lined up! Besides what eadie sent me, I just got these! Yay!! #buddyread #nordicnoir

EadieB @Crazeedi Nice! You‘re all set for January! 1mo
Crazeedi @EadieB I am! I am trying to keep from starting one just to see the style, since these authors are all new to me!🙄 1mo
EadieB @Crazeedi I know! I love to start new authors to see if I like their writing! 1mo
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Andrew65 Nothing beats reading a new author, such moments of hope. @EadieB @Crazeedi 1mo
Crazeedi @Andrew65 exactly! That's why I'm going to have a hard time staying away from the books, even though I may have one or two other books I could read, LOL! 1mo
gradcat @EadieB @Andrew65 @Crazeedi Eadie is really thoughtful, right? You‘re the best, Eadie (can‘t wait for mine!) ♥️♥️♥️ 1mo
EadieB @gradcat Thanks! Just trying to make my friends happy! 1mo
Andrew65 @gradcat Agree totally, known @eadieb quite a few years now and a very special person. 1mo
EadieB @Andrew65 Ok guys! Now you are making me blush! @Crazeedi @gradcat (edited) 1mo
EadieB @Crazeedi I got your thank you card today. Thanks for the thank you! In regards to keeping track of all the buddy reads, Andrew makes a list for the year on the books we read on LibraryThing. It's 2 books a month right now. Then I check what authors we are reading from what we read last month. I go to Fantastic Fiction website and get the name of the next book in the series. I already have the list made for December which I will post for you. 1mo
EadieB @Crazeedi
Nov. 2019
2001 - The Bone Garden - Kate Ellis - LT
2009 - What Remains of Heaven - CS Harris - LT
2005 - Murder in Clichy - Cara Black (2005)
2008 - Heart and Soul - Maeve Binchy

Dec. 2019
2017 - The Lost Order - Steve Berry- LT
2013 - Lost - Sharon Bolton - LT
2006 - Murder in Montmartre - Cara Black
2010 - Minding Frankie - Maeve Binchy
1989 - Payment in Blood - Elizabeth George
1985 - Lie Down with Lions - Ken Follett
(edited) 1mo
Crazeedi @EadieB thank you Eadie!! 1mo
gradcat Man, you are awash in books! Yay...fun times ahead!! 😀 4w
gradcat @EadieB Just keep on blushing...you are a sweetie! 4w
gradcat @Andrew65 So how did we get so lucky, @EadieB + @Crazeedi ? Love you guys!! ♥️♥️♥️ 4w
Crazeedi @Andrew65 @gradcat @EadieB fellow travelers in this game called life!😍 4w
EadieB @Crazeedi We all just fit together like one big puzzle! 4w
gradcat @Crazeedi & @EadieB & @Andrew65 I would quite love it if I could make one handle that grouped youse all together . . . something like at sign + thetypesetters . . . 😂 4w
EadieB @gradcat We can post under #Nordiccrime 4w
EadieB @gradcat Your package has been delivered:
Tracking number 9555114996729308268997
November 12, 07:56PM
Shreveport, LA
gradcat @EadieB I got it & I posted it! Thank you sooo much! You‘re such a sweetheart! I love them & can‘t wait to dig in! We have a problem out here where I live...we don‘t get mail everyday. I‘ve never had this happen, ever in my life! I‘ve always thought “Neither rain nor snow,” etc, etc, but not out here anymore. We‘ve reported it to the post office (many times) without any change. But I went out to check the mail last night, at 7 pm and it wasn‘t ⬇️ 3w
gradcat @EadieB there yet. It was 20 degrees out, & I have to cross a rural highway to get to the box, so I didn‘t go again until today. Then I had a doctor‘s appointment and I‘ve just returned. All this by way of apology to you for it taking so long to let you know I received the books. I‘m so sorry! I tell you, though, I‘m finding it patently ridiculous that we‘re not getting our mail. They‘ve never delivered or found a letter an old friend sent me. ⬇️ 3w
gradcat @EadieB It‘s so infuriating! But back to the important stuff: thank you so much for thinking of me...you‘ve touched my heart! ♥️♥️♥️ 3w
EadieB @gradcat I was so surprised that they didn't deliver the package until 8:00 PM that is crazy for sure! We live close to the post office so we get our mail between 5 and 5:30 as the truck is going back to the post office but 8:00 PM is ridiculous. 3w
gradcat @EadieB Well, I‘m pretty sure we wouldn‘t have gotten it until the next day if they had their way about it. We now have an app that lets us know every piece of mail we‘re supposed to get, so they were kind of obligated. We knew they had it, so they were forced. But I tell you, my mom & I are getting pretty sick & tired of this! I‘ve never, in all my 60 years, had days where they just simply didn‘t deliver daily!! It‘s aggravating to say the least! 3w
EadieB @gradcat Are you out in the country? How close is your closest neighbor? 3w
gradcat Yes. Until four or five years ago, there was an acre of land on either side of us before you had another house. We sold the acres after my father became very ill, because he couldn‘t care for it anymore. We had horse stables on one side and huge rose gardens on the other. Now we have neither because he took care of all of that. My mom and I are looking to move out of state as soon as we figure out where we want to go (and I can leave my doctors!). (edited) 3w
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Winterfolk | Janel Kolby
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Reposting! Let us know if you want to join up! Reading Christmas books! Watching Christmas movies and Christmas games!

More info in the link:

Please share to spread the word! ♥️🎄🎅🏻


Clwojick Thanks for sharing! ❄ 1mo
Crazeedi I'm not a movie person! I would be a bad participant, so I'm going to enjoy reading everyone's posts. 1mo
gradcat Thanks so much for tagging me! I‘m going to make a big push on my Booked2019 reading, and so I‘m not sure if I‘ll have very much time. But I‘ll think about it for sure. Thanks again! 1mo
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EadieB @gradcat what do you have left to read for Booked 2019? 1mo
gradcat @EadieB All six of the winter prompts...I‘ve been so slow this year. I keep getting interrupted. Right now, I‘m reading the tagged book, and LOVING it. I would not have read this book, but for #Booked2019 ♥️ 1mo
gradcat @EadieB Oh, not the “Deluxe Edition”...don‘t know what that entails! 😂 1mo
EadieB @gradcat At least you are loving it! Nothing worse than having to read something you don‘t like. 1mo
gradcat @EadieB I know, right? And I have enjoyed reading books I wouldn‘t have otherwise read. Still, I‘m considering forgoing it for 2020, because I want to read more of the books I love with you guys, like #NordicNoir, and others in that kind of genre. 1mo
EadieB @gradcat That a good idea as always fun to read the same book with others! 1mo
gradcat I know I really love reading with you guys. @Tove_Reads @Crazeedi @Andrew65 & you, Eadie. ♥️📖 1mo
Tove_Reads I love reading with you guys, but Christmas is not my thing. I‘m not a Christian, and I don‘t want to celebrate something I don‘t believe in. I‘m ready to join in on and continue all the other things we are doing though 🙂 (edited) 1mo
gradcat @Tove_Reads It‘s kind of an extremely busy time as well. And I am very in touch with your feelings re Christmas. 1mo
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The Darkness | Ragnar Jonasson
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Another cold case investigation. There are some enjoyable twists but I found the switches in structure partway through rather off-putting. A quick read, but I doubt I‘ll continue the series.

The Crow Girl | Erik Axl Sund
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#LitsyAtoZ #LetterC @BookishMarginalia

If dark, twisty thrillers are your thing, you'll love this book. This book follows three main female characters as they try to solve a gruesome crime. Just when I thought I had things in this book figured out, the author switched things up and left me intrigued and wondering what he'd do next. It's a 700+ page book, but it felt like less. Trigger warnings: child abuse, animal abuse, suicide

FlowerFairy Thank you for the TW! There are some things I prefer to avoid. 🙃 4mo
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