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Thriftbooks bender post 3 of 3.

JacqMac Nice! Book shopping always make me feel better, too. 4w
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The Familiars | Stacey Halls
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I was really intriuged when I saw this was coming out! And although I'm regretting not getting it as a real book now I've seen how lovely the cover is on other people's posts, I'm excited to read something based on real events which happened near where I grew up (cat marks the spot 🐱) #localhistory #lancashire

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Found this little lovely in a used book shop. It reminded me of my favorite series I read last year: Ben Aaronovitch‘s Rivers of London series.

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God's Faithful Servant | Kristi Dixon
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One of my current research interests that's evolved recently is the haunted psychogeographical liminality of the English landscape. So this book will be very helpful in that regard.

Emilymdxn Omg I worked on psychogeography too! 2y
brendanmleonard @Emilymdxn oh, awesome! I have just started with it - I have been studying folklore and hauntology mostly. Any books you'd recommend? 2y
Emilymdxn Afraid I was working quite specifically on one Middle English poem so all my reading was ether general introductions or quite specific to that poem - sorry not to be more helpful! 😕 2y
brendanmleonard @Emilymdxn that's cool! What was the poem? 2y
Emilymdxn Piers Plowman and a couple of earlier body and soul lyrics! 2y
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Baltimore Then and Now | Alexander D. Mitchell, IV, IV Alexander Mitchell
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Has anyone watched this series about the murder of a nun in the Baltimore area in the sixties? The case goes cold for over twenty years, then Jane Doe starts experiencing horrible memories of abuse at Keough Catholic High School where the nun taught. What follows are revelations of abuse, corruption and cover up at many levels. My question is this: Does anyone know of books that exist about this topic? #truecrime


JamieArc I‘ve heard a lot of good things about the series (I love true crime) but I‘m curious to see as well if there are any books about it. 2y
OSChamberlain The series is great. I loved it. 2y
Bianca This series is fantastic. I haven‘t heard of any books on the topic, though. 2y
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Kaye This is the only book I can think of about a nun being murdered , but this was in Michigan. Here‘s a 2 part podcast on the case if you haven‘t already listened to it. http://www.unsolvedpodcast.com/episodes/001_sister_cathy.html 2y
kylienoele I started watching this but it's just so hard to get through. I'll pick it up again at some point! My heart breaks for all of the victims. 2y
tlarocca I loved this series. It scared the bajesus out of me. 2y
cathysaid @JamieArc I'm going to have to do some research. There's got to be one! 2y
cathysaid @OSChamberlain It is fascinating. And so disturbing. 2y
cathysaid @Bianca If I find some, I'll post and tag you guys. 2y
cathysaid @Kaye ohhh...thanks! I'll check this out. 2y
cathysaid @kylienoele True. While fascinating, it is tough to hear all the details and then for those in power to cover it up. This isn't one I can binge watch in one sitting. 2y
cathysaid @tlarocca it is SOOO disturbing. 2y
L_auren It was so damn good 2y
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More research for the novel I am currently writing. As you can see, I had to buy a whole new set of Post-It notes. #grateful #amreading #amwriting

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• Just booked not one but two visits to @chatsworthofficial 🙌 I was determined to see the House Style exhibit before it ended and thus will be doing next month! Also, Christmas at Chatsworth tickets are on sale now and we go every year so I booked that too for November. Sooo, two months of Chatsworth beauty for me. Let's face it, I adore the place. 🍂#devonshires #chatsworth #localhistory #history #book #booklover #bookstagram #bookblogger

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#TBRtemptation post 1! An essential history of the Cape Cod-Martha's Vineyard-Nantucket region. This is a natural and man-made history that encompasses the area's splendors. Seaside ecology, Natives & colonists, shipwrecks & hurricanes, whaling, religion, ships, and beaches--a truly vibrant region to read up on. #blameLitsy #blameMrBook 😎

BookBabe Nice! 2y
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The Gold Coast | Nelson DeMille
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I hate that tour season is coming to an end, but that's just one extra day to enjoy reading, snuggled up on the couch! Nelson DeMille is a local Islander and I actually read this book for reference once!
#LongIsland #GoldCoast #localhistory #supportsmallmuseums

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