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The Personal Librarian | Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray
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3.75⭐️ I enjoyed the book a little bit more than I did the last time I read it six months ago, but there were some things that I wished would have done: 1) revealed why the family decided to pass as white (what were the reasons her mom had for doing this) 2) not write the book in such a clinical manner and have more emotion to the story rather than just in a matter of fact way 3) have a conflict that is central to the story and not just ⬇️

melissajayne about Bella trying to pass as a white woman. Overall it was pretty decent book, but needed some improvements to make the story better. #2022 #bookreview #bookstagram #reread #historicalfiction #jpmorgam #bellalacostagreene #passing #africanamericans #basedonatruestory 2mo
BDavis Wow 😟 I thought the book expounded more than enough on why a white passing black family decided to pass as white. They were living in a time fresh out of slavery but still facing lynchings from white people. Her mom wanted to give her children a better life and of course they used what they had to their advantage (their skin color). This was based on a true story so they filled in where they could. 2mo
BDavis Did you read the author‘s notes and historical notes? I mean it‘s pretty obvious that choosing to live as a white family was more so for safety. 2mo
melissajayne @BDavis I did read the author's notes and the historical notes, but I would have liked a bit more of a reasoning than just wanting to give the kids a better life. 2mo
BDavis @melissajayne She also mentioned being able to have access to certain careers, income, and opportunities. No African American would have been able to make the money she made, had the opportunities she had, lived in the neighborhoods she did, traveled the way she did, none of that while being black. All of it was rooted in skin color and using it to their advantage. What‘s exactly are you looking for if their reason wasn‘t enough? 2mo
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