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Hey everyone! There is a new page for all the events on litsy. If you have any events you run and would like posted then please tag. If you are interested in participating in any then please follow @LitsyEvents to stay up to date with the many things Litsy has going on.

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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern

Could someone explain #bookspinbingo to me? I'm very curious and I have a ton of November reads it from the library and on my cloud Library so. I'd love to know more about this!

#bookspinbingo #help

LibrarianRyan Ello, the nice thing about Bookspin and bingo is that you can make of it what you want. If you don't want to try for a bingo, then done and just try for the bookspin title. Not sure what books you want to read because you are an extream mood reader? That is okay too. If you look at my list, I almost never list exact copies that are not for bookclub, but more areas or ways I want to read. I can do this, because I can make it my own, & so can u 3mo
TheAromaofBooks Hey there!!! I host the BookSpin challenge. @hissingpotatoes linked to my masterpost, but basically the challenge is to choose 20 books you've been meaning to read (or, like @LibrarianRyan pointed out, you can also choose categories, like “nonfiction“ or “library book“ or whatever) & post them as a list. On the 2nd of the month I draw out 2 numbers (BookSpin & DoubleSpin). Throughout the month, everyone tries to read those numbers from their ⬇ 3mo
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) lists. The bingo part is I shuffle all the numbers into a bingo card, and everyone reads the books that match the numbers to score a bingo for that month. November's posts are really close to the top of my feed so you should be able to find them - the challenge may make more sense if you see it in action!! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!!! 3mo
BudgetingBookwormBabe Thank you so much, I think after seeing the cards I have a better understanding! So much literary fun! I love it!! 3mo
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Just watched this with my children. I suppose it‘s on point with it being Halloween week and all. That said I hate scary movies so this was TERRIBLE for me. They all loved it though. #halloween #scarystories #horror #booktomovieadaptation #help #save e

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#Litsy #Help #CommunityInput What Book Should I read Next? Please leave your suggestions below.

ozma.of.oz Seconding Lady Sherlock! I had fun with it! 5mo
rsteve388 Awesome Thanks Y'all for the recommendations. 5mo
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🎃 I feel like I should start my Halloween reads early due to how many I would like to read 🤣 What should I start with? Suggestions on where to begin? #Help #LetsGetSpooky

False Hope | Lynne Lee

when do you call it quits on a book? i just made it to chapter 4 and i am not able to really get into this book…. what‘s your rule when it comes to dry books?
#help #bookbail #bailingbooks #review #bookclub #question

Horvendile88 Good question...personally, it is always contingent upon other factors such as how much time I have to read in the near future, what other books I have in my to-read queue, and whether or not I believe the book is worth pushing through. 5mo
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was curious if anyone knows of free audio book apps? I don‘t want to have to pay for audible but found that I have more time to listen and not sit down and actually read.
#help #audiobooks #freeaudiobooks #audible

Kerrbearlib LibriVox has free audiobooks that are in the public domain. They‘re read by volunteers so the audio quality isn‘t as good as it would be on Audible, but it‘s worth looking into if you like the classics. 6mo
stonedbookworm @Kerrybrary alright! tysm. i‘ll definitely check it out! 6mo
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HELP❗❕ I'm moving home and can't pack this way!! (I tried) How do you pack books safely with no risk of damage please⁉️❔ I have around 500 books and the kids have even more than that 😬😅 also for anyone who has lego.... what is the best way to pack lego models that have been built❔⁉️ please and thank you. #help #guidance #pleasepleaseplease #movinghome #packing #needmagic @Jackal121 @CymbaX13 @Mishu94

emmalouise1 I put mine jnto pillow cases and then in large shopping bags when I moved :) was a lot of bags but they survived 6mo
hannah-leeloo I don't have that many pillow cases 😬😅 I will have to do that for my delicate sets though thank you @emmalouise1 📚 6mo
emmalouise1 @hannah-leeloo what about using t-shirts then it's just something to protect spines and edge's I found when moving :) 6mo
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hannah-leeloo Thats true! I am really not awake or prepared enough 😅🤣 good idea thank you 😊 @emmalouise1 6mo
emmalouise1 @hannah-leeloo your very welcome . My books were the last thing I moved I was to scared to damage them. I hope you have a successful move and settle in nice and quick :) 6mo
Cupcake12 Can‘t think of a way but wanted to wish you all the best with the house move ❤️❤️ 6mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you so much @Cupcake12 and @emmalouise1 I'll be able to update everyone after the move to say if everything survived 🤞🏻😬🙏🏻😅 6mo
DrexEdit It's all about protecting them & making sure they don't shift around in the box in transit. That can damage corners or spine ends. I recommend rigid plastic tubs if you can get them. Stuff the empty space with towels or clothes or bubble wrap so things don't shift. If you use cardboard boxes that are taped closed, make sure you put something (cardboard, thick newspaper, old towel) on top so no one slices into the covers when the box is opened. 6mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you @DrexEdit fingers crossed all goes well 6mo
Sweetkokoro For lego models you can disassemble them in large pieces you want them as flat as possible and wrap them in cling wrap to hold together, any small fragile pieces remove from the model but include it in the cling wrap to the piece it goes to so it doesn‘t get lost and then add a layer of bubble wrap for extra cushion. And then make sure the boxes you put them have cushion as well. 6mo
hannah-leeloo Good idea didn't think of cling wrap thank you @Sweetkokoro 🤗❤ 6mo
Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick I used lots of small boxes since books get heavy. I have some that are less precious than others so I put them in shopping bags or used them on top of others to fill out the box for easy stacking. Good luck! Moving sucks but once you're settled in the new place it feels so nice. 6mo
hannah-leeloo Thank you very much @Kelly_the_Bookish_Sidekick 😊❤ 6mo
Mishu94 Maybe you could put them in a storage box? That‘s what I do 😂😂 6mo
hannah-leeloo I've filled 9 boxes so far of just my books and 4 on the kids and that's just one of their book cases 😳😬 @Mishu94 😅🤣 6mo
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This has been on my #mountTBR for awhile, and it wasn‘t as good as I hoped.

Lina is married to Wei but had originally fallen for his brother Qiang. When Lina and Wei return to China after working in the US for 20 years, Qiang gets in touch, and Lina must confront her feelings.

The other storyline involves Sunny, their maid turned personal assistant, a theft, and working as a single woman in Shanghai.

The book has potential but lacks sizzle.

Megabooks @TheAromaofBooks this is my actual #bookspin 😊 7mo
Cinfhen Your review still has me interested …I think I bought this one awhile back on #Kindle / im not rushing to read it maybe I‘ll add audio narration at a later date 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen the audiobook quality was great. I think if the premise intrigues you, go audio! 7mo
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Cinfhen Oh good to know about audio, thanks!!! 7mo
Cinfhen What‘s going on?? How are you?? 7mo
Cinfhen Sorry, this is easier than email xx 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen hey, no problem!! Weekend was very chill, which is why I was able to get in so much reading. Kind of back at it tomorrow. I take dad to therapy, but fortunately, 🤞🏻🤞🏻 we‘ve hit a lull in activity, so I‘m getting some time on my own, which has been fantastic!! I‘m getting a major haircut on Thursday, which I‘m excited about. I think I‘m going to get 3 inches off and update my helix to give it volume! 👏🏻👏🏻💇🏻‍♀️ what about you?? 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen also I bought a new mattress. I‘m excited to try a different type of tempur-pedic. I went with the hybrid instead of just foam, but it won‘t arrive for 3-4 months. 👎🏻 this is probably a really boring update! 😂🤪 7mo
Cinfhen It‘s actually just what I like hearing… normalcy!! I need a new mattress too!!! I‘m glad things at home are quieting down😁 7mo
Cinfhen It‘s been REALLY great having Niki & Adam around. Even Zach has taken off the week so we‘re just hanging out. Lots of low key outings & meals out 😁although last night I had 2 of my siblings and all their kids ( aged 5-24 - total of 8 kids) for a family bbq!! It was really nice but A LOT of work!! My youngest brother‘s kids are VERY WILD & im not used to all the jumping, shouting and messiness!!!! I‘m wiped out today 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen lol! Never use the Q-word with anyone medical!! It‘s like telling an actor good luck! But thank you for the support!! Omg, no wonder you‘re wiped out. That is A LOT of kids, but I‘m glad you‘re with family and having fun!! I can‘t wait to hear more stories next week!! 💜💜💜 it‘s midnight and I‘m actually yawning so 🤞🏻 I can get some sleep!! 7mo
Cinfhen Ooops…#StayNoisy xxxx sweet dreams 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen girl, mom just called me into her room three times! #TotallyAwake #OnlyChild #Help!! 😩 7mo
Cinfhen Oh no!!!! I jinxed you 😳😫sorry 😘😘 7mo
Megabooks @Cinfhen #NotTheFirstTimeNotTheLastTime 😉 it‘s okay! 😘 That‘s what books are for. Starting the tagged on hoopla on my iPad. (edited) 7mo
Cinfhen Everyone is still asleep here so I‘m listening to this one for #ReadingAsia21 ~ it‘s VERY DRY but less than 2 hours…almost done #Oman 7mo
Cinfhen And I finished this one earlier this morning/ disappointing but super quick - you gave me a full synopsis last summer… 7mo
TheAromaofBooks Yay!! Great progress!! 7mo
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