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Cursed | Thomas Wheeler
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I've struggled to get motivated to read "Cursed" and I haven't a clue why. The plot is fast paced and the characters are fun. I can normally tell when a book is DNF and this doesn't have the same feeling. Maybe I'm just distracted by other books???

Do you struggle with this? What strategies have you utilized to get through some of the books that just couldn't hold your interest??

#help #readKY #readingwoes #finish #dnf #strategy

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Littens! Unknown content creator for this mini, off-beat poem. Anyone know who credit belongs to?

EDIT: This was authored by Lucille Clifton. Huge thanks to @TheBookHippie for helping find this!!! 🎉❤️💃🏻

It‘s still potent.

#help #poetrymatters #lucilleclifton

TheBookHippie It‘s Lucille Clifton 10mo
TheBookHippie @MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward ♥️♥️♥️ and how fun that I just read her poetry in a huge book!!! I love poetry I try to read it every day! 10mo
MerlinTheSlightlyAwkward @TheBookHippie That‘s fantastic!! Poetry should be a bigger part of my life. With this, the journey begins 📚☕️💃🏻 10mo
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Ill Shadows | WJ Cintron, Jean Nasser
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If you want to become part of our ARC Team by reading the tagged book and providing feedback, we‘ll be the most grateful littens in the world. 😁🙏👍 @jeannasser Let us know in the comments. You can provide an email or hit us at hello@starvingwords.com ❤️
#arc #romance #scifi #sapphic #thriller #gothic #help #readers #littens

Soubhiville 🙋‍♀️ just emailed you. Thanks! 12mo
WJCintron @Soubhiville Awesome! 🙌 Thanks!! 😃 12mo
Gissy If there are still space, yes I will like to read. Sounds interesting! 12mo
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WJCintron 😃 @Soubhiville You got mail! 😂 🙏 12mo
WJCintron @Gissy Yes!!! Thanks!! Post your email, or send me an email so I can send you the ARC!! Excited!! 😃 🙏 12mo
jeannasser Can I have a copy too ? 🥺👉👈 12mo
WJCintron @jeannasser 😂 😂 Go to sleep!!! LOL! 12mo
Gissy @WJCintron Where I can find your email? So happy to read this one🤗 12mo
WJCintron @Gissy hello@starvingwords.com 😃 👍 YAY!! 12mo
bthegood @Soubhiville @Gissy I am currently reading and really enjoying it - looking forward to other peoples reviews and discussions - 12mo
bthegood @Soubhiville @Gissy I am currently reading and really enjoying it - looking forward to other peoples reviews and discussions - 12mo
WJCintron @bthegood 🥰🥰😃 12mo
Gissy @WJCintron I just sent the email🤗 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey everyone! There is a new page for all the events on litsy. If you have any events you run and would like posted then please tag. If you are interested in participating in any then please follow @LitsyEvents to stay up to date with the many things Litsy has going on.

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The Night Circus | Erin Morgenstern

Could someone explain #bookspinbingo to me? I'm very curious and I have a ton of November reads it from the library and on my cloud Library so. I'd love to know more about this!

#bookspinbingo #help

LibrarianRyan Ello, the nice thing about Bookspin and bingo is that you can make of it what you want. If you don't want to try for a bingo, then done and just try for the bookspin title. Not sure what books you want to read because you are an extream mood reader? That is okay too. If you look at my list, I almost never list exact copies that are not for bookclub, but more areas or ways I want to read. I can do this, because I can make it my own, & so can u 1y
TheAromaofBooks Hey there!!! I host the BookSpin challenge. @hissingpotatoes linked to my masterpost, but basically the challenge is to choose 20 books you've been meaning to read (or, like @LibrarianRyan pointed out, you can also choose categories, like “nonfiction“ or “library book“ or whatever) & post them as a list. On the 2nd of the month I draw out 2 numbers (BookSpin & DoubleSpin). Throughout the month, everyone tries to read those numbers from their ⬇ 1y
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) lists. The bingo part is I shuffle all the numbers into a bingo card, and everyone reads the books that match the numbers to score a bingo for that month. November's posts are really close to the top of my feed so you should be able to find them - the challenge may make more sense if you see it in action!! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions!!! 1y
BookLineNSinker Thank you so much, I think after seeing the cards I have a better understanding! So much literary fun! I love it!! 1y
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Just watched this with my children. I suppose it‘s on point with it being Halloween week and all. That said I hate scary movies so this was TERRIBLE for me. They all loved it though. #halloween #scarystories #horror #booktomovieadaptation #help #save e

Untitled | Unknown
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#Litsy #Help #CommunityInput What Book Should I read Next? Please leave your suggestions below.

ozma.of.oz Seconding Lady Sherlock! I had fun with it! 1y
rsteve388 Awesome Thanks Y'all for the recommendations. 1y
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🎃 I feel like I should start my Halloween reads early due to how many I would like to read 🤣 What should I start with? Suggestions on where to begin? #Help #LetsGetSpooky

False Hope | Lynne Lee

when do you call it quits on a book? i just made it to chapter 4 and i am not able to really get into this book…. what‘s your rule when it comes to dry books?
#help #bookbail #bailingbooks #review #bookclub #question

Horvendile88 Good question...personally, it is always contingent upon other factors such as how much time I have to read in the near future, what other books I have in my to-read queue, and whether or not I believe the book is worth pushing through. 1y
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was curious if anyone knows of free audio book apps? I don‘t want to have to pay for audible but found that I have more time to listen and not sit down and actually read.
#help #audiobooks #freeaudiobooks #audible

Kerrbearlib LibriVox has free audiobooks that are in the public domain. They‘re read by volunteers so the audio quality isn‘t as good as it would be on Audible, but it‘s worth looking into if you like the classics. 2y
stonedbookworm @Kerrybrary alright! tysm. i‘ll definitely check it out! 2y
Michael_Gee I use Hoopla and Libby for audiobooks. Both free and tied to your library card! 11mo
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