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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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Eggs Great story❤️🍫 1w
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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One day left to sign up for this year's #jolabokaflodswap

I will be closing sign ups tomorrow and get to work on making matches.

We have 130 people participating in a lot of different countries!

Sign up here-

Aims42 Thanks for hosting and organizing again! This is my favorite swap 😍 3w
ShelleyBooksie Fav swap! 3w
LeahBergen Thank you! ❤️ 3w
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Ericalambbrown Thank you for doing this again! 💕 3w
Crazeedi Thank you for hosting! Waiting anxiously for my match!! Whoohoo! 2w
kspenmoll Thanks for organizing this!!! (edited) 2w
CuriousG I'm guessing with 130 people it is quite the task to match and it's still in process, so good luck with everything! (On the off chance I'm wrong though and you've already sent out match info, I haven't received it.) 2w
Julsmarshall Hi there! I never received my match. Which is ok, I just want to make sure no one is waiting on a swap from me. I can‘t imagine the work in managing all of this! I can still participate and send as long as I know by the weekend so I can go shopping ;) 18h
MaleficentBookDragon @Julsmarshall @curiousG you do have a match. I‘m in a cruise right now and do not have access to my spreadsheet. I will be back Sunday and get it to you then. Sorry for the inconvenience. 6h
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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Such a favorite tradition I do it for my kid! Sign ups open til 11.19- see @MaleficentBookDragon for more info!

BookBosomed1 I do this with my friends. ❤️ 3w
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New York 1910, was no place for the fiercely independent woman. But this is the story of several... Without giving too much away, I will say that this is a story based in fact about two sisters and their deep love and loyalty to one another.

Historical Fiction, fit for any reader.

📚📖Happy Reading!📖📚

Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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Well, the #AllHallowsEveSwap was a great success! If my spreadsheet is correct we've had no tricks and only treats this year!!! If I missed it and you have not received your gifts, let me know.

Now, on to Christmas. I know , I hate to leave Halloween too, but I am excited for this year's #JolabokaflodSwap. Sign Ups are open until Nov. 19th so I can get out the matches by Thanksgiving weekend.

Sign up here-

ozma.of.oz Woooo! 1mo
BarkingMadRead @Graciouswarriorprincess we were just talking about this!! 1mo
LeahBergen Yay!! 👏👏 1mo
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NovelGirl82 Yay!!! 1mo
BennettBookworm Best time of year!! Thank you!! 1mo
JamieArc Oh wow! That came quick! 1mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @BarkingMadRun Thanks! And yes, we were just talking about this!! 1mo
forestandcrow So excited! Made sure I had the right mailing address. 1mo
Cupcake12 All signed up! Loved this last year xx 🎄 1mo
BarbaraBB Wonderful! Signed up! 1mo
guinsgirlreads Yayyy! Thank you! 1mo
AmyG I was just thinking of this. Thank you! 1mo
AbigailJaneBlog Yessss I love this swap! 1mo
LitStephanie Just signed up, thank you! 1mo
Laughterhp Yay! 1mo
BarbaraJean Yaaaay! I didn‘t manage any swaps last Christmas, so I‘ve been eagerly waiting for this year‘s—especially this one. Thanks for organizing it again! 1mo
KateReadsYA Very excited for my first year doing this swap. I have seen in the past everyone posting and always wanted to join in but was still so new to Litsy and how it all works. I am definitely ready this year and can't wait to see who my swap buddy will be :) 1mo
MommyOfTwo Yay! 1mo
tdrosebud Woohoo! 1mo
CarolynM Yay! I‘ve signed up. Thanks for organising. 1mo
Aims42 One of my two favorite holiday swaps!!! Thank you for organizing again, I love this one 🍫📚🎅🏼 (edited) 1mo
LeslieO Yay! My favorite swap! 1mo
kellyann28 One of my favorite swaps! 1mo
BookwormAHN Yay 😺 1mo
staci.reads Yay! Thanks for hosting again! I love thsinswap so much! 1mo
Avanders 🥲🥲🥰 1mo
MittenGirlPeach Yay! So happy you‘re doing this swap again! 1mo
MatchlessMarie 💚📖❤️ 4w
wen4blu My favorite swap! 4w
Crazeedi I just signed up!! 4w
Crazeedi And this is a very favorite swap of mine!! 4w
MaleficentBookDragon @KateReadsYA Welcome!!!! Any questions let me know. 4w
KateReadsYA @MaleficentBookDragon Thanks so much 🤗 4w
CBee Signed up! Woot! 4w
Jess861 Yay!! Absolutely love this! Just signed up! 3w
merelybookish My absolute favorite! Thanks for hosting it again!! 3w
AshleyHoss820 First time signing up! 📚🎄☺️ 3w
AmandaBlaze Cool. 3w
Meshell1313 Sounds right up my alley! Just signed up! 3w
BethM I‘m so glad this is back! One of my fave traditions! Ya know if you want more work you could do a kids version next year too 😂 3w
CrowCAH Just signed up, very excited!!!! I was just thinking about wanting to join a swap this year! 3w
BookBosomed1 Yea! 3w
galueth28 Signed up, my first time ☺ 3w
thewallflower0707 Signed up last week, looking forward to receiving my match ☺️ 3w
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My favorite of the series so far! Maisie heads to a small town during hop picking season & finds herself in the midst of a dark secret held since the war. With traveling gypsies, a wealthy cruel landowner, & a rogue arsonist, there‘s so much story to unfold. I loved her relationship w/the gypsies‘ matriarch & having the chance to learn more about Maisie‘s history. The story unfolded beautifully & foreshadows the growing prejudice during the ‘30s.

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I read this a while ago (apparently 9 years ago 😳), but it works for the #spices prompt.

I adore these books. I know I've raved about them before, but the audio versions are just fantastic.

#OminousOctober #Scarathlon2022 #teamslaughter @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Eggs

Eggs I have one on my shelf!! 2mo
gossamerchild @Eggs ❤️❤️ 2mo
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris

Harris wrote a very magical book that hooked me from the opening paragraph with its lush descriptions and details.

The characters were an interesting mix of views and traits that were real and fantastical within the word building of this sleepy town.

Thinner | Richard Bachman
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I was watching Jake & Fine talk on BookTube about Stephen King‘s Bachman books when this one came up. I enjoyed this one so I found an inexpensive used edition to cover & add to my library. There‘s a little shelf wear but it‘s usable. 😁 August purchase.