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I‘m one book behind the rest of the gang, so I guess I need to read this one before next week! I guess this wasn‘t exactly Andrew‘s fave 🤣

Andrew65 Too right. 😢 Books gone from 4.5, to 3.5, to 2.5. Hope the next book reverses the trend. 10h
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Pure | Andrew Miller
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Here is the response I got from Book Depository regarding the book I ordered from them. They sent me one with a completely different cover.

I wasn‘t so nice in my reply and I probably won‘t be ordering from them again. I‘m not willing to chance it as they apparently don‘t see anything wrong with a good ole bait and switch. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chrys I will consider this a warning and not order from them either. Readers buy specific covers, as a bookseller they should realize that 15h
Emily92Bibliophile Something similar happened with me with ThriftBooks. They offered a paperback copy of a new book, and I bought it, and they sent me an ARC. I told them those aren‘t supposed to be sold, and their book options were misleading and untruthful 😳They reimbursed me but when I asked if they are going to continue to sell ARCS they didn‘t reply. 15h
ValerieAndBooks That is a bummer. It's been a while since I've ordered from book depository, but almost every time I did was because I wanted a specific cover that wasn't USA. Looks like they're slipping 😪. Also -- I've gotten the switcheroo from bookoutlet a few times, but they now state that their covers may be different than pictured (maybe they always said that?) and they're cheap anyways. Hopefully they'll all catch on that covers are important to us!! 14h
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Kalalalatja That‘s a shit answer, but the same as I got. I don‘t know why they lessen the importance of covers 🙄 12h
Reviewsbylola It‘s such bullshit. @Kalalalatja At least they made it very clear not to buy from them if I want a specific item. Now I know and it will def curb my BD buying habits! 12h
Reviewsbylola I‘ve never had that problem from BO but that‘s good to know. With the bad luck I‘ve had recently I‘ll def be keeping it in mind. @ValerieAndBooks 12h
Reviewsbylola 😆😆 That‘s pretty wild they would sell ARCs. @Emily92Bibliophile 12h
Reviewsbylola I had this issue twice this weekend (the other one was a bookseller on Abe Books) and both of them spun it around on me that I should be cross checking ISBNs. No effing way. Just display the correct cover image. It‘s not that difficult. @Chrys 12h
Lizpixie Both BD & AbeBooks have gone downhill since they were bought by amazon. I had no issues with them before that, since the sale I‘ve had twice the wrong covers by BD & abebooks sent me a pretty banged up paperback when the listing was for a great condition one.😡 12h
BookwormM I am always careful on EBay as a lot of sellers say you might not get the book in the image my real issue was when buying a translated book I emailed to ask if the book was the English translation they came back that they couldn‘t confirm that needless to say I purchased elsewhere 11h
Redwritinghood I‘ve stopped buying from them too. They don‘t seem to be well organized or have a good inventory tracking system. I had a big issue with them a few months ago and now I‘m done. 10h
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Chocolat | Joanne Harris
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#scarathlon #teamstoker #thisorthat #halloween

Chocolate candy
Both 🧛🏻‍♀️
Treat for sure! I‘m a snacking queen!
Scary movie
Hand out candy
Hay ride
Either is completely cute
Neither really - but if I had to pick - pie
Walk alone in a dark forest
Black cats (although bats 🦇 are cute too)
Hot chocolate

TheReadingMermaid 🧟‍♀️ 13h
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I recently had fun sharing some much loved books on FB. I always enjoy seeing what everyone‘s recommended reading is so thought I would share here before I discard the photo. Highly recommend them all!⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ #favouritebooks

Tamra I loved the Collins too! 1d
Freespirit Women in White is a fav too @Tamra ❤️ 1d
CarolynM I really should read the Pagnol novels - I adored the films. 22h
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Cathythoughts Lanny ♥️♥️ 21h
Freespirit @CarolynM I love it.. it‘s been a favourite of mine for many years.. I re-read it every few years 20h
Freespirit I loved Lanny @Cathythoughts ...like The Alchemist for me... so special 20h
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French Milk | Lucy Knisley
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Mostly underwhelming and kind of pretentious. Tbh the book lost a lot of points on the very first page, when Lucy says that she took up smoking so that she would fit in in Parisian cafes 🙄🙄🙄 and never really recovered. Very obviously one of her early works, it didn't have the emotional resonance that her newer books contain. There wasn't really any driving force behind it or any discernable reason for it to be published.

JamieArc It was probably published for people like me, who are total francophilies and loved all I could relate to in it 😊 1d
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Great book about the last sanctioned judicial duel in medieval France. Judicial duels required a lot of legal red tape to be approved, but when you're a knight and a squire rapes your wife it gets through. These duels were absolutely brutal affairs. This gives you a view of it via this historical event. This is supposed to be in development as a movie soon.

#history #medieval

Michellekidwell That looks like a good book! 22h
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So I know I started a new book yesterday buuut I came home after a long day, cold and wet from the incessant rain and the angel that is my husband presented me with this book! 😍 So I am getting cosy with tea, chocolate and what I hope will be another fantastic instalment of the adventures of Greta Helsing 💛

The Cook: A Novel | Maylis de Kerangal
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"(Mauro) began to emerge from latency, that kingdom of youth". As a mother of a 20 year old finding her way, this phrasing gives me a feeling of hope.

ValerieAndBooks 💖! This hits home with me too, as the mother of three young adults (one recent college grad and 2 in college). 2d
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The Cook: A Novel | Maylis de Kerangal
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Airport reading

Burning Chambers | Kate Mosse
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