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A book about reducing clutter can be found amid my clutter. Irony!
It‘s a good little reminder, though, and is getting me motivated to keep going in spurts!
#septembersweep #declutter #goodhabits

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Wild Fermentation just dropped from the library, which is timely because I just started several ferments including these two jars of filmjölk. One is plain, and the other is chocolate-flavored. I used the last of my Midnight Moo on it so I hope the experiment pans out!

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Just found this gem while I was cleaning. Time to dust it off & give it a whirl! #naturalbeauty #diy

wordslinger42 I love all natural stuff! I always buy from Simple Sugars; their stuff is amazing! 1mo
MoonWitch94 @wordslinger42 I will have to check them out! 1mo
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You hope it‘s more than just #shelter, but it at least needs to be that. #letstravelaugust @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @OriginalCyn620

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🏠📚🙌🏻 1mo
OriginalCyn620 I remember my dad watching this show when I was little! 😊 1mo
Lcsmcat @OriginalCyn620 We used to love it too. We renovated two old houses in our youth, but I wouldn‘t have the energy now. 1mo
rabbitprincess I used to watch this show as a kid, as well as Hometime and New Yankee Workshop! 1mo
Lcsmcat @rabbitprincess I loved New Yankee Workshop! 1mo
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UnWholly | Neal Shusterman
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Had some downtime but didn't feel like diving into a book so I made a #makeshift #bookmark instead! #diy #hotmessexpress

brit91 WoW I love it! I wish I was creative like that lol I can't make anything!!🤣🤷‍♀️ 1mo
ReadingOverSleeping @brit91 thank you! You made my day hehe honestly it was just braids on braids 🤣😅 1mo
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Stitch by Stitch | Jane Bull
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#AusteninAugust2019 @Crinoline_Laphroaig #craftyjane Did a bit of audiostitching tonight and it fit the theme of this prompt to perfection 🙂

Crinoline_Laphroaig Love it! 1mo
OriginalCyn620 Awesome! ❤️ 1mo
daena Fantastic 💚 1mo
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Shel.f Amazing! 1mo
Crazeedi Very very nice!❤ 1mo
CrowCAH This is amazing! Where‘d you find the pattern? Make it up yourself? 1mo
StayCurious @CrowCAH I wish! I got it from this book: 1mo
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One of my BFFs babies turns 1 soon. I made this for his first birthday gift. His room is children‘s literature themed & his parents are big Potterheads. I hope they like it 🥳#firstbirthdaygift #yerawizard #diy #bookcrafts #harrypotter

PurpleyPumpkin So cute!⚡️ 1mo
bewareofwords That‘s too cute! 🥰 1mo
Bookjunkie57 Amazing! 1mo
audraelizabeth Thats awesome. 1mo
KirstieE This is so cool ! 1mo
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Sorcery of Thorns | Margaret Rogerson
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I decided to have a little arts and crafts tonight, and painted my own edges with acrylic paint from Michael‘s, based off a YouTube video I watched; they didn‘t turn out half bad!😊📚 #diy #paintededges #phew

Crazeedi That's very cool, great idea!!👍❤ 2mo
Puredragonstar I was just about to ask where you got The priory with the orange pages! Lol, great job they look fantastic! 😂 😍👍🏻🤩 2mo
Cailey_Mac @Crazeedi thank you!😊😊 @Puredragonstar thanks!😊 I did that one intentionally because I loved the oranges sprayed pages but didn‘t get to purchase it in time! 2mo
sudi They all look so good, especially Heartless 😍 2mo
Cailey_Mac @sudi thank you 😊😊 2mo
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Some booky mail that‘s come in recently! A hard copy of the tagged book (which is one of my audiobook listens in progress), a copy of Delicious in Dungeon 4 that I Must Read Soon because my brain needs a rest, and some lovely #LitsyLove from @catiewithac! Thank you to all the people who make my mailbox nicer! 😉💖

I‘m hoping to send a bunch of things out soon — I‘ve just been incredibly tired lately. Maybe someone can mail me some energy. 😆

TheAromaofBooks Wellll I could send you some Monster Rehab Lemonade - it's my go-to :-D 2mo
Sunraven @TheAromaofBooks I have no idea what that is, but it sounds simultaneously alarming, appealing, and terribly useful. Is it magical? 😆 2mo
catiewithac Get some rest!!! 2mo
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TheAromaofBooks It's actually all of those things - alarming, appealing, terribly useful, and possibly magical. So it's just an energy drink, but unlike most it's not carbonated and also only has 6g of sugar, so it doesn't feel like you are drinking cough syrup. It's more or less a caffeinated Arnold Palmer that's heavier on the lemonade. It's about two cups of coffee worth of caffeine, so just enough to kick my day off right. :-D 2mo
Sunraven @catiewithac: Partly I think I need restoration as well as rest — it‘s like one of my favorite (slightly paraphrased) quotes: The antidote to exhaustion isn‘t rest, it‘s wholeheartedness. 😁✨ 2mo
Sunraven @TheAromaofBooks That sounds worth a try at least once! 😉 Though caffeine basically does nothing for me aside from keep me awake (in an insomniac way, not a morning pickup way), except on rare occasions when it makes me fuzzheaded and jittery. I drink it mostly for the taste, or maybe it‘s some non-caffeine nutrient(s) in tea and coffee that my body likes, haha! 2mo
TheAromaofBooks I can only drink caffeine in the mornings, or else it will keep me awake, and if I drink more than one can of Monster, I cross into a nervous, paranoid individual rather than one who is being productive and full of energy haha That's what leads to the “alarming“ part of the deal. :-D 2mo
Sunraven @TheAromaofBooks Monster is a dangerous brew indeed! 😆 At least the name is a good warning... 2mo
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I loved this book so much that I wound up buying it when I was halfway through instead of just sticking to the library copy! Sherry & John are bloggers and this book is full of ways to just show your house some love. I especially enjoyed the tutorials on making no sew curtains, refinishing wood and veneer furniture, and papering the back of a bookcase! But there‘s SO many tips and tricks I‘m going to try to implement in our home!