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Deadly Deceit | Natalie Walters
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Being in #SouthAfrica, I don‘t often get #booklaunch team swag - @revellbooks and @nataliewalters_writer, I don‘t know how you did it but thank you so much!
If you haven‘t discovered the #HarboredSecrets series yet or read #deadlydeceit, this is one to get! It‘s brilliant!
#bookstagram #amreading #currentlyreading #greatfiction

Weapon | Lynette Noni
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At the Brisbane Launch of Lynette Noni's latest book Weapon. She is articulate and quite funny. Love seeing her fans come every time... #booklaunch #readlikeagirl #loveozya

Storm Wrack and Spindrift | Margaret Pinard
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“Indomitable woman.”

Yes, I‘m matching my launch outfit with my book cover.

#fallfororange #sunset #romance #histfic #booklaunch #preorder #indieauthor

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On Monday, I got to work Tan France‘s book launch for his new memoir, Naturally Tan. As a huge fan of Queer Eye, I was so excited to meet someone I‘ve looked up to for the past year. Tan is one of the most genuinely lovely people I‘ve ever met, and I‘ve never met someone who radiated more positivity. Definitely go check out his book! #booklaunch

8little_paws Awwww!!!! I just started his book this morning! 6mo
squirrelbrain Wow! How exciting for you! Book stacked... 6mo
readordierachel Awesome!!! 6mo
JoScho That is so cool! 6mo
Smrloomis Cool! 👍🏽 6mo
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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#BookLaunch As my book is about a family of eccentric artists, the theme for my book launch was art. Everyone really enjoyed the colouring in tablecloths! If you love me, I‘m yours by Lizzie Chantree. #romance #friendship

Velvetfur Oohh that book sounds great, I will check it out! Love those tables too, and the colouring-in 😀 1y
Kaye Very pretty 1y
LizzieChantree @Velvetfur Thank you! Let me know what you think of the story. There are some pretty eccentric characters in the book and there‘s lots of romance. 1y
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LizzieChantree @Kaye Thank you. 🌸 1y
NatalieR So creative! I love it! I hope everyone has a great time. 😍 1y
SilversReviews Love the tables. 1y
LizzieChantree @NatalieR Thank you. It was brilliant! 📚 1y
Eggs 💖💖💖💖 1y
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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I had such a great night at my paperback book launch. This is a photo of a third of the room. It was in a beautiful library and I was happy to be surrounded by so many fabulous people and books! #BookLaunch #books #Littens #CrookedCatBooks

NatalieR Such a great turnout! Congrats 🎊💐 1y
SilversReviews Sounds liked such fun. Thanks for sharing. 1y
LizzieChantree @NatalieR Thank you. I really appreciate everyone who came to the event. It was great fun. 1y
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SilversReviews Sounds like such fun. Thanks for sharing. 1y
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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It‘s my paperback book launch day for, If you love me, I‘m yours, my latest romance read. Here is a photo of some of the goodie bags. They are full of a friendship frame, chocolate, sweets and bookmarks. The front has a montage of the main four characters faces and their personality traits, to introduce them to the attendees. I‘ll post photos from the launch tomorrow. The ebook launch is on Monday! #BookLaunch #amwriting #Littens

JoScho 💗💗💗 1y
Cinfhen Congrats 🍾🎊 how cute 💕 1y
CarolynM Congratulations. Hope it's a big success. 1y
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AliceCastle These look so gorgeous, Lizzie! Many congratulations on the launch of a really lovely book :) x 1y
Ms_T Congratulations! 1y
Ingerella Congratulations! Love the gift bags! 1y
BookaholicNatty Congratulations!!!!! You should be soooo proud!!! I love the adorable gift bags!!! Have a blast at the launch!!!! You worked hard and deserve it! ❤️❤️❤️😘🎉🎉🎉 1y
Louise Congratulations! Love the creative goody bags! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 1y
rohit-sawant How awesome! Congrats! 🙌🏻🎉🎉 1y
LizzieChantree @AliceCastle Thanks Alice. I really appreciate all that you do. X 1y
LizzieChantree @Ms_T Thank you! 🌸 1y
LizzieChantree @Ingerella Thank you! 💗 1y
LizzieChantree @BookaholicNatty Thank you so much! 💗 1y
LizzieChantree @Louise Thank you. I made tablecloths too! I‘ll post photos of the complete look tomorrow. 🌸📚 1y
LizzieChantree @rohit-sawant Thank you! 🎉📚 1y
BookwormM Congratulations hope it goes well you have put a lot of effort into everything 1y
LizzieChantree @BookwormM Thank you! It was such an amazing evening. 1y
LizzieChantree @Cinfhen Thank you. 🌸 1y
LizzieChantree @JoScho Thank you. 🌸📚 1y
Eggs How fun 1y
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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It‘s exciting to see my latest book on the UK bestseller lists, even before its official release date! Especially when it‘s sitting near a book by the amazing Jilly Cooper. The ebook launch for If you love me, I‘m yours, is the 9th July. #BookLaunch

jpmcwisemorgan Woo hoo!!! 2y
JoScho 💖🎉💖🎉 2y
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ReadZenRites Hooray!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🌸🌸💗 2y
LizzieChantree @JoScho 😀🌸☀️ 2y
LizzieChantree @ReadZenRites Thank you! 😀🌈📚☀️ 2y
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If You Love Me, I'm Yours | Lizzie Chantree
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The cake toppers have arrived for my paperback launch. Hooray! #BookLaunch #Author #Books

MrBook Cooool!!! 2y
LizzieChantree @MrBook Thank you! 2y
tammysue Ooh so pretty! Have fun at your launch!!! 💗🌸😊📚 2y
LizzieChantree @whatshesreadingnow Thank you. It‘s not for a few weeks yet, but it‘s getting nearer! 2y
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Soulweaver | Heidi Catherine
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Just signed all these beautiful babies ready for my launch party on Saturday! My hand hurts but I‘m not complaining- signing all of these was a dream come true 😍 #authordream #booklaunch

Samplergal Congratulations 🎈🎉🎊! 2y
RainyDayReading Congrats!! 2y
elizabethlk Congrats!🙌 2y
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Briary Awesome! Congratulations! 😁 2y
thereadingowlvina Congrats!!! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
Eggs Congratulations 🍾🎉🎈🎊 2y
TrishB Congrats 🎉🎉 2y
erzascarletbookgasm 🎊congrats! 2y
rohit-sawant Congratulations! 🎉🎉 2y
JoScho Awesome! 😊💕🎉 2y
HeidiCatherine Thanks so much everyone! ❤️ 2y
TNbookworm That is awesome! Congratulations🎉 2y
PatternsOnWalls How awesome! Congrats!! 2y
HeidiCatherine Thank you!! 2y
RadicalReader @HeidiCatherine I think signatures are so beautiful and unique definitely a form of artwork in and of itself when one sees the beauty of penmanship 2y
HeidiCatherine @RadicalReader I agree! I absolutely love getting my hands on a signed book 😍 1y
RadicalReader @HeidiCatherine what‘s your favorite signed book you‘ve received? 1y
HeidiCatherine @RadicalReader That‘s hard because I‘m lucky enough to have quite a few. It‘s a tie between Make it Count by Tamar Sloan (who not just signed it but dedicated the book to me) or Valentina by Cristina Hodgson (which has my endorsement on the front cover). Told you I was lucky! 1y
RadicalReader @HeidiCatherine you are most definitely lucky!! Nice to have a dedication and an endorsement wow!! Have you done that for them or other authors in your works too? 1y
HeidiCatherine @RadicalReader Thank you!! I have endorsement from three amazing writers on the covers of my three published books, but they‘re all dedicated to my family ❤️ 1y
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