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This book uses the end papers to give you a #bookishmap!

The Neighbour | Fiona Cummins
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When I pre-ordered this one, I had expected it to be a continuation of the series Cummins began with her debut novel, The Collector. But, this is a standalone thriller set in The Avenue of Essex- with a quaint #BookishMap masking the number of secrets in this little strip- and a serial killer on the loose! The style as it alternates between past and present takes some getting used to, but it quickly becomes another hard to put down read!!

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Finale: A Caraval Novel | Stephanie Garber
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And ending with actual skeletons in closets!! 🦴 💀

MellieAntoinette @BookishMarginalia 🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️ 5mo
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The Last Magician | Lisa Maxwell
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I started this #travelingbook this morning, and found it contains a #bookishmap! That‘s always a fun discovery 😊. #LittenLoveBingo

LibrarianRyan Yeahhh 6mo
LibrarianRyan Plus more maps and real pictures about the places mentioned are in the green book. 6mo
AlaMich Oooh, book maps! ❤️ 6mo
Itchyfeetreader This is a lovely one 6mo
Soubhiville @LibrarianRyan oh yeah, I‘ve been checking it all out! 6mo
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The White Darkness | David Grann
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A #bookishmap is a welcome element of this short narrative about Polar explorer Henry Worsley and his most memorable Antarctic journeys. Vintage photos of Shackleton‘s expeditions as well as pictures of Worsley‘s own 21st century treks complement the text nicely. I‘m glad @WanderingBookaneer gave me a signed first edition as a gift! 💜💜💜

Bookzombie That‘s so nice. 💗 This one is on the short stack of library books next to my bed. 7mo
JaclynW Cool! 7mo
starlight97 I looove maps in a book! 🗺️ 7mo
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Early Riser | Jasper Fforde
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Not quite a #BookishMap, but pretty cool nonetheless!

Princess-Kingofkings Very cool! I started a new job last September and felt odd using the term Sally Port until I looked up the origin. Now I feel educated and fancy when I say it. 😎 8mo
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The Way of All Flesh | Ambrose Parry
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I love a good #BookishMap!

cobwebmoth 😍 8mo
aeeklund Ooooooooooo!! 😍😍 8mo
Crazeedi ❤❤maps!!! 8mo
SistaPip Maps and books.....!? I'm IN 7mo
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It's got maps in it! MAPS!

BookishMarginalia Love me a #bookishmap or two! 8mo
BlameJennyJane Love maps!! 8mo
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Untilted | Autechre
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Nearly forgot about this.

☑️ #BuddyRead - Gail Carriger, The Curious Case short story
☑️ #BookishMap - Ian McGuire, The North Water
☑️ #LittenAuthor - @Authoraimeebrown Aimee Brown, The Last Dance
☑️ #BlameItOnLitsy - Ward&Keeland, Dear Bridget, I want you
☑️ Featuring a writer - Lee, This Monstrous Thing

#LittenLoveBingo @BookishMarginalia

Cinfhen Look at you!!! Nice 😁 9mo
julesG @Cinfhen I could probably add three more at this point, but I would rather have breakfast first. 😁 9mo
Cinfhen Hahaha #priorities 9mo
julesG @Cinfhen Got up at half five due to the naughty tom-cat who decided to throw a knife off the kitchen counter. No easy feat, it was not in a likely place for him to get it out in the first place. He only does naughty/noisy stuff when he's hungry. And since I'm a well-trained tin-opener, I got up and fed the two starving cats. But I wanted to stick to my intermittent feasting, so I had to wait for my breakfast until at least 9am. 9mo
LibrarianRyan You made a nice dent. Makes me think I should get my butt out of bed and so the same thing. 9mo
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Circe | Madeline Miller
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Here I go.......

BookishMarginalia A #BookishMap! This might be a square for my #LittenLoveBingo #LLB19 9mo
Tamra @BookishMarginalia good idea!! 9mo
UrsulaMonarch Thank you for posting! I read (and loved) the ebook and never saw this image! 9mo
Tamra @UrsulaMonarch it is pretty! 9mo
megzlynn I‘m reading that right now! 9mo
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