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"Obedient to he captain's will, the Black Pearl followed her dark angel over the azure water; as fast as the wind, as free as the men who sailed her. It was almost as though she knew she was a legend in the making, destined for adventures both great and terrible...


#POTC #BlackPearl

The Black Pearl | Scott O'Dell
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Was anyone else obsessed with Scott O'Dell books as a kid? #BlackPearl #WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

BarbaraJean Oooh, me! I loved Scott O'Dell! 5y
DrJAdMerricksson Yes! And Gary Paulsen, and Jean Craighead George. 5y
CrowCAH I had never heard of this book or the author until someone pointed it out with this challenge, but this is the perfect book for the Black Pearl theme!! ☠️ 5y
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My pearl bracelet that my husband gave me when we got married. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

A few are close to black! And they came from exotic waters like where the #blackpearl sailed.


Hobbinol Oooolala!😍 5y
CrowCAH The bracelet is soo beautiful and special, because it was a gift from your hubby 😍 The bestest item for the challenge; black pearls! 5y
mabell @Hobbinol Thank you! 😊 5y
mabell @CrowCAH Thank you so much! I'm having such a good time thinking about the prompts! Great job planning! 👏 5y
CrowCAH @mabell thanks! ☺️ I'm enjoying seeing how the themes are interpreted by all! And I'm really glad I can show off my awesome Pirates collection to all of you! 5y
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The Black Pearl | Scott O'Dell
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I found an actual #BlackPearl for today. (And another Newbery book, too.) #WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

Melissa_J Nice! 5y
CrowCAH The perfect book for today's prompt; great find!!! 😁 5y
GypsyKat I loved Island Of The Blue Dolphins as a kid. I think I need to read this. 👍🏼 5y
MaleficentBookDragon I think I read it this as a kid. 5y
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Dark Moon | David Gemmell
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The origi al tutle is Dark Moon, but in ltalian has been translated into La Perla Nera. So, there you have it your #BlackPearl

I've read it a long time ago, but l remember loving it. I particularly liked the possessed character, with his two personalities

CrowCAH Sounds interesting and definitely has a dark Black Pearl feel about it! 5y
JazzFeathers @CrowCAH lt's indeed quite unusual, in my opinion 5y
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The #BlackPearl was raised from the depths, by Davy Jones, for Jack to captain her for 13 years, but Barbossa mutinied after two years and Cpt Jack Sparrow lost her, only to go down with his ship, in Dead Man's Chest, to live out his days in Davy Jones's Locker.

#WhatAWayToLive #PiratesLife

Girl with a Pearl Earring | Tracy Chevalier
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#whatawaytolive #blackpearl

This book leapt to mind for this prompt! I loved it and heartily recommend this and the movie too. It's fictional, inspired by the Vermeer painting, telling a story of a servant girl who becomes Vermeer's model for this portrait. The girls background and her life as a servant is beautifully told; you really feel you're in 17th century Holland and in the shoes of this pretty, vulnerable girl.

JulieAnn This was such a beautiful book. I love her books. This one, The Lady and the Unicorn, and The Virgin Blue are my favorites. She is amazing in her historical detail. 5y
CrowCAH The "light side" of the Black Pearl is the Pearl aspect. Cpt Jack refers to his ship as the Pearl, he's on the good side! ? 5y
Centique @julieann I "think" I've read Virgin Blue. May have to get it out and reread to be sure. I definitely need to read more Tracy Chevalier though! Thanks for the reccs ? 5y
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Centique @CrowCAH you are always so knowledgeable! I'm glad Capt Jack had his heart set on the light side 👼☠️ 5y
Elisa I agree, this was a good book. 👍🏼 How incredible, creating a whole story around a character in a painting! Just remarkable. 5y
Centique @Elisa I agree! She's a talented author. The movie is good too - the cinematography is beautiful; somehow the light and colours are like Vermeer's paintings IMO. 5y
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#cursed #bbbmarch17

Cursed Aztec gold! I have the 882 piece (look by the book), so with today's full moon I'll become skeletal! ☠ #LEGO #BlackPearl #tallship #pirates #POTC

Laalaleighh Then you can walk underwater! 6y
Crystalblu Yes! Another Lego nerd! 6y
CrowCAH @Laalaleighh yes, surely I will do that tonight! 6y
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CrowCAH @Crystalblu I ❤ Legos! Especially the POTC kits! ☺ 6y
bookelf221 We have that set too! Have you read Price Of Freedom? It's sooooooo good! 6y
CrowCAH @bookelf221 yes!!!! I ❤ Jack Sparrow's origin story of getting the Black Pearl and the feud with Lord Beckett!!! 6y
Crystalblu @CrowCAH we are mostly Star Wars...mostly ;) 6y
CrowCAH @Crystalblu I have one of those too, Poe Dameron's x-wing, so I could get a BB8! 6y
Crystalblu @CrowCAH let's just say, we have over 20 Star Wars sets! And a bunch of random others! We have problems ;) 6y
CrowCAH @Crystalblu wow that's a lot! Does that mean you own all of them? I know from looking at the catalog there are several kits and it sounds like you have most. 6y
Crystalblu @CrowCAH We do own them! 6y
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