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Nancy Drew 56: The Thirteenth Pearl
Nancy Drew 56: The Thirteenth Pearl | Carolyn Keene
Nancy is asked to locate a stolen pearl necklace that is unusual and very valuable. She soon learns that strange and dangerous people are responsible for the theft. They harass her at home and intensify it when she and her father go to Japan, until they finally manage to kidnap Nancy and her friend Ned Nickerson when she returns to River Heights. Through clever sleuthing, Nancy is able to penetrate the rites of an amazing group of pearl worshippers, some of whose members are far from devout, and she uncovers underhanded dealings of certain employees of World Wide Gems, Inc., a tremendous international jewelry company. Readers will love accompanying Nancy, disguised as a Japanese girl, in this adventure in Tokyo.
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The Thirteenth Pearl | Carolyn Keene
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Not as amazing as I remember these books being! The Japanese stuff felt...weird, but I don‘t know enough about Japan to determine how accurate any of it is. The story is, to be honest, a little dull and meandering.

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Fourth finish of #nutsinMay and WE FINISHED NANCY DREW! It took a year and a half reading nothing else aloud (except for school) and I am so ready for something else.

A preposterous story pitting Nancy against an international ring of jewel thieves, this involves a trip to Tokyo and a bizarre aside into pearl cults. Still, a fun romp of a mystery and a satisfactory close to the original series.

BookishMe Woohoo!! I don't think I have read this and you had me at Tokyo!!! 😉😆😍 2y
ravenlee @BookishMe it seemed like some sections were included just because the author had done the research and wanted to show it, specifically the Tokyo section, but at least it was interesting. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
BookishMe I recently read somewhere the series was written by a team of writers. I suppose the person(s) assigned to this title may have decided to add that Japanese touch ;p when I read one of the books again, couple of years ago, I can't believe how much I was taken in by the teen born with a silver spoon. 18yo driving a flashy Merc, no less! 😁😁 2y
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TheAromaofBooks Congratulations! It's always exciting to work your way through a long series like that! What's next?? 2y
ravenlee @BookishMe not only is she a child of privilege, her list of skills is ridiculous - she skis, she‘s a semi-pro level ice skater, she flies a plane, she speaks French well enough to translate 17th-century remnants on an archeological dig...talk about an accomplished young lady! 2y
BookishMe Tell me about it... Hahaha. True escapism! 😆 2y
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My pearl bracelet that my husband gave me when we got married. ❤️️❤️️❤️️

A few are close to black! And they came from exotic waters like where the #blackpearl sailed.


Hobbinol Oooolala!😍 5y
CrowCAH The bracelet is soo beautiful and special, because it was a gift from your hubby 😍 The bestest item for the challenge; black pearls! 5y
mabell @Hobbinol Thank you! 😊 5y
mabell @CrowCAH Thank you so much! I'm having such a good time thinking about the prompts! Great job planning! 👏 5y
CrowCAH @mabell thanks! ☺️ I'm enjoying seeing how the themes are interpreted by all! And I'm really glad I can show off my awesome Pirates collection to all of you! 5y
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Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys! I spent a lot of time with them in my younger years.

Jaimelire Me too! 5y
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