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The Advent Calendar | Steven Croft
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Who else love advent calendar?
This year I made #AdventCalendar for my daughter. Used these middle size brown envelopes and decorated them with Christmas stitches. I put inside some candies, figure toys, coloring pages, activities... She can't wait for every day to open them.
#HolidayTradition #HolidayCraft #WinterGames #WinterGames2021 #TeamGameSleighers
@StayCurious @Clwojick

Clwojick This is so fun! I love it! 2mo
maich Thanks. It is fun😍 2mo
Linsy I made one for my boys as well! I love advent calendars 2mo
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maich @Linsy I love them too. Kids having so much fun opening them😍 2mo
StayCurious what a great idea! 1mo
maich @StayCurious I found it on Instagram and then check Pinterest for more inspiration. 1mo
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The Gruffalo | Julia Donaldson
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@DinoMom it's available on the Pan Macmillan page! Just popped up. Hope this helps you 🤗 #childrens #adventcalendar #christmasbooks #gifts

A Christmas Carousel | Francesca Crespi
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Magic for Liars | Sarah Gailey
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My current reads... and a Book Bean. I just finished a shirt story in the bottom one, part of the #adventcalendar for #ouabc #wintergames2020 #teamrednosedreindeer @StayCurious

StayCurious Well, there's a real mountain of a book! Best of luck!! 13mo
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The Christmas Mystery | Jostein Gaarder, Elizabeth Rokkan
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I bought this when it was published, which the book & the price tag stuck on the back tell me was 1996! I read it then & remember liking it a lot. This month I've been craving fluffy, undemanding reads & was happy to find it this on my shelf. There's something old-fashioned about Gaarder's children books but in a good way. It's about the meaning of Christmas, but it's also about the magic, mystery, & miracle of the diversity of humanity & beliefs.

Nute Sounds like a perfect read for these times and this season. Frequently, of late, my brain has been desiring undemanding reads serving as a sort of balm to help get through the stresses of current everyday living. So happy that you found a book close at hand on your bookshelf.😊 13mo
batsy @Nute A balm is right! That's exactly what I need from my reading currently. And thank you, it is lovely to "shop" in one's own book collection sometimes ?❤️ 13mo
Lindy I‘m glad you‘ve hit on the balm you need. My comfort reading at the moment is popular science. Maybe it‘s because science has a degree of certainty to it. 🤷 13mo
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Cathythoughts So glad you found solace ❤️ 13mo
annamatopoetry love this one, read it as a calendar book for a bunch of years, but haven't gotten around this year. 13mo
batsy @Lindy That makes sense! When lockdown first started and the pandemic was "new" to us in a sense, back in March, I actually found this weirdly comforting. It set parameters for what could happen, in a way, that was better than not knowing 13mo
batsy @Cathythoughts Thank you, Cathy ❤️ 13mo
batsy @annamatopoetry I meant to read it the same, but couldn't limit myself to a chapter a day :) It was lovely as my "night book" to dip into before bed. 13mo
Lindy I‘ve checked and Spillover is in my public library‘s collection. There are 2 copies and 14 holds ahead of me, but I will get my turn eventually. Thanks for the recommendation. 13mo
annamatopoetry have you read The Solitaire Mystery? Same author, same age target, one of my absolute favorites, as a kid and ever. 13mo
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The Advent Calendar | Steven Croft
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Opened the REMartKABLE WOMEN #adventcalendar my mom gave me & found a quote by Fanny Mendelsohn Bartholdys dad: „Music may become his profession, but for you it must remain an ornament, never the bassline of your being and doing. Thus adhere, and remain feminine, because only through femininity woman is embelished.“ referring to her famous composer brother Felix. 🙈 Though her talent equaled his she was never allowed to publish or perform! #sexism

CBee This book is fantastic and touches on this very subject: 14mo
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The Christmas Mystery | Jostein Gaarder, Elizabeth Rokkan
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My first holiday read of the #wintergames2020 finished! This was, like all Gaardner books, wonderfully mysterious, strange and heartwarming. A boy finds a strange homemade advent calendar which tells part of a story every day and leads to answers about woman who went missing decades before. Highly recommend!

#merryreaders @Clwojick +26

TheSpineView I see a poetry book!❤📘 14mo
rwmg I'm reading it a chapter a day. 14mo
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The Christmas Mystery | Jostein Gaarder, Elizabeth Rokkan
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A little boy buys a magic Advent calendar. Each day he opens a window to find a picture and a message. I read it 10 years ago and am re-reading it one chapter a day as if the book were an Advent calendar itself.


batsy I'm doing the same this month! I read it when the English translation was newly published so it's been awhile. 14mo
rwmg @batsy 😎🤜👍 14mo
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My last one — it will last as long as my charcoal mask (that I got out of today‘s #AdventCalendar) S30: E10 Tis the 30th Season
Go #TeamNutcracker !!! ❄️ #WinterGames

@Bookworm54 , @Clwojick , @StayCurious

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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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I broke down yesterday and bought this HP advent calendar. I couldn‘t resist!

I‘m catching up on the #FestivePhotoChallenge (I was told I could do this by @StayCurious 😬) So this is day 1 #AdventCalendar


crazyspine Jealous! 2y
coffees 2pts! Yup :) it runs the whole month so go for it 2y
JenlovesJT47 @crazyspine I was so disappointed because I was going to get one from amazon and it wasn‘t available for a couple of weeks. Found this in Walmart last night and was super excited! 2y
Gissy I have it too! So pretty😍❤️ 2y
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