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My last one — it will last as long as my charcoal mask (that I got out of today‘s #AdventCalendar) S30: E10 Tis the 30th Season
Go #TeamNutcracker !!! ❄️ #WinterGames

@Bookworm54 , @Clwojick , @StayCurious

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Harry Potter | JK Rowling
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I broke down yesterday and bought this HP advent calendar. I couldn‘t resist!

I‘m catching up on the #FestivePhotoChallenge (I was told I could do this by @StayCurious 😬) So this is day 1 #AdventCalendar


crazyspine Jealous! 1w
Crimson613 2pts! Yup :) it runs the whole month so go for it 1w
JenlovesJT47 @crazyspine I was so disappointed because I was going to get one from amazon and it wasn‘t available for a couple of weeks. Found this in Walmart last night and was super excited! 1w
Gissy I have it too! So pretty😍❤️ 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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My husband surprised me with my very own #AdventCalendar today. He doesn't like sharing one 😂
Not that I mind.🤩😍
#WinterGames #Elfies
@Bookwormjillk @StayCurious @Clwojick

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Untitled | Unknown
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Crimson613 2pts 1w
Texreader Yes!! 1w
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Rapunzel | Brothers Brothers Grimm
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Got a 15 day sock #adventcalendar this year, and day 1 is Rapunzel socks! Fitting since I have long hair and don't care

A couple days late but it's here!

#wintergames #teamelectricsex @LibrarianRyan

LibrarianRyan ahhh. I've seen so many of the sock advent calendars. they are just so tempting +2 1w
bullbunny @LibrarianRyan Agreed too many to choose from. 1w
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It‘s a pretty untraditional #adventcalendar but each day has the sheet music for a Christmas Carol, a poem, and a Christmas short story. A gift from my aunt.

#WinterGames #TeamFestivus #holidaytradition #festivephotochallenge @wanderinglynn @Clwojick @StayCurious

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EliNeedsMoreShelves Oh my goodness, that's lovely! 2w
wanderinglynn And is this also a #holidaytradition? (If it is, add that hashtag & you‘ll get an extra 20 pts!) 😉 2w
AuthorErinHuss I love this! 2w
chaoticgoodhufflepuff @EliNeedsMoreShelves @AuthorErinHuss Thank you! @wanderinglynn I didn‘t even think of that! Thanks! 2w
wanderinglynn My pleasure! ⛄️ 2w
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Mario Kart | Joseph Epstein, Garitt Rocha, Alex Musa
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I meant to finish this yesterday but I‘m trying to hurry and finish this #AdventCalendar before my kid gets home from school at least. Mother of the year I know lol #FestivePhotoChallenge #TheFilthyAnimals #HollyJollyReading #WinterGames

Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 💚❤️💚❤️ 2w
OriginalCyn620 👍🏻🎄🎅🏻 2w
rather_be_reading Marie please make sure you also use our team hashtag #thefilthyanimals as that is how im tracking points. ty! 2w
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rather_be_reading 2 pts☃️ 2w
MatchlessMarie @rather_be_reading Thanks. Fixed it. 2w
rather_be_reading @MatchlessMarie no worries at all! 2w
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I was so inspired by my #AdventCalendar (first ever) to get 12 more days worth of #SelfCare to round out my 24 days of Christmas. The bling #Starbucks cup is to entice me to drink water everyday. And I‘ll have one piece of chocolate a day as well :)

Go #TeamNutcracker !!! ❄️ #WinterGames

@Bookworm54 , @Clwojick , @StayCurious

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Clwojick I love this! I try to do a bit of self care every day, but I might just follow suit, and make myself up a little package as well. ♥️ Although, I have so many products already, that I can probably “shop” through my stash! 2w
ElizaMarie @Clwojick I think it‘s a great idea! You could use what you have and just set it up like that. And have something to look forward to. :) 2w
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The Advent Calendar | Jeremy Davies
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This is an advent calendar idea I found and might try out next year. 24 books or magazines to read, one for each day in December

#wintergames #AdventCalendar
@LibrarianRyan @Clwojick @StayCurious

Crazeedi This is the best one ive seen!💞 2w
Texreader Love this idea!! 2w
Gaylagal2 Great idea 🤙 2w
LibrarianRyan yeah. +2 2w
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Hoping to hone my sarcasm before the holiday festivities begin. Note: my #adventcalendar in the background #tbr #wintergames #festivephotochallenge
@StayCurious @Clwojick @BarkingMadRun

BarkingMadRun Love it! 2 points 2w
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