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Clockwork Princess | Cassandra Clare
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#WeLoveToReadWednesday #ParanormalLoveCrew #PLC

One of my favourite authors is Cassandra Clare.
I love her shadow hunter chronicles and all the related anthologies in particular, and she is always posting stuff on social media (sometimes with Holly Black) including beautiful artwork for upcoming books!


Andrew65 What a great picture / cover. 2mo
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The Raging Quiet | Sherryl Jordan
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This is one of my favourite books.

It is a sweet story about two outcasts, a young widow and the village madman, who learn to communicate with each other through sign language. The villagers believe that the widow must have bewitched the madman though, and accuse her of witchcraft.
I used to read this once a year. My copy is currently travelling the world though, so I haven‘t read it in a while!

#WeLoveToReadWednesday #PLC #ParanormalLoveCrew

AkashaVampie This sounds interesting! I'm gunna have to add it to my long long long long list of TBR 3mo
ElizaMarie This does sounds super interesting. Oh and how is your copy traveling without you? 3mo
Bookworm54 @ElizaMarie it‘s a part of a postal book group :) we all sent our favourite books with a notebook for people to write their thoughts in. Hopefully it will be back with me in a year or so 3mo
ElizaMarie That sounds soo great! 3mo
jb72 @Bookworm54 That‘s pretty cool. 3mo
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Pet Sematary | Stephen King
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#WeLoveToReadWednesday : so it‘s hard to say what my favorite book is. I have a few books that I just love. And I rework this list super often but... Pet Semetary always stays on the list :)

#ParanormalLoveCrew (#PLC)
@AkashaVampie , @Bookworm54 , @jb72

#NovelWatchingCrew (#NWC)

AkashaVampie I've never read nor seen the movie. I don't like scary stuff too much 3mo
jb72 I‘ve seen the old movie once, but I‘ve not read the book. 3mo
ljuliel Wow. That cat. I‘d hate to meet him in a dark alley. 3mo
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ElizaMarie @AkashaVampie OMG! I must have read the book several times. Also when I was in middle school we used to rent the movie all the time (from blockbuster 🙈) but the new movie is really well made and deviates a bit but still so good! 3mo
ElizaMarie @jb72 have you seen the remake? It‘s pretty good. Also I‘d you like audio books it‘s on audible read by the guy from Dexter it was so so good :) 3mo
ElizaMarie @ljuliel the old movie cat scared me soo much! 3mo
jb72 @ElizaMarie No I haven‘t seen the new movie yet. I‘ll keep that in mind about the audiobook. It‘s on my TBR for a challenge next year. 3mo
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