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The Children on the Hill | Jennifer McMahon
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Vermont 1978: Dr. Helen Hildreth, psychiatrist, is acclaimed for her work with mentally ill at her renowned treatment center. At home, she is just Gran when taking care of Vi & Eric, her grandchildren. One day Gran brings home a child to stay with the family but Iris does not behave like a normal girl. Vi & Eric invite Iris to join their Monster Club. They catalogue all kinds of monsters & makeup ways to defeat them. Iris comes out of her shell.

EadieB 2019: Lizzy Shelley is the host of the popular podcast, Monsters Among Us. A young girl has been abducted. A monster has been sighted in the town. Lizzy is determined to hunt the monster down. Lizzy knows better than anyone that monsters are real because one of them is her very own sister. 4mo
EadieB This is a story about monsters. I enjoyed the references to Mary Shelly's Frankenstein novel. The characters were unique and the plot has a very surprising twist in the end. The story is told in two timelines (1978 Vi and 2019 Lizzie). I have read all of Jennifer McMahon's books and have enjoyed each one. I look forward to reading her next book as I do enjoy her writing. 4mo
EadieB If you like monster stories then you will enjoy this one. I would like to thank Gallery/Scott Press and NetGalley for a ebook for an honest review. (edited) 4mo
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EadieB To be published April 26th 2022 4mo
TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!! 4mo
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