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Darcy Swipes Left | Jane Austen, Courtney Carbone
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#PrideAndPrejudice #StarWars #ReyLo

My younger sister found this meme where someone compared Pride and Prejudice to Star Wars, specifically Rey and Kylo Ren to Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. Love it!

It‘s P&P, but in space!

LibrarianRyan Love it! 3w
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If you like the movie you'll like this adaptation novel!I loved the book just as much as the movie- I know that's not always the popular opinion but 🤷‍♀️

I enjoyed having extra scenes and dialogue- especially with Finn and Rose 💖 and scenes from BB 8's perspective!

Also Rey and Kylo -my favorites!!😍😍 #Reylo
#starwars #thelastjedi #rey #kyloren #popfigure

TieDyeDude One of the best Star Wars movies! Haven't read the novelization yet though. Good to know it's good 1y
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About 100pgs into #thelastjedinovel and oh my fucking god this really is the reylo/rendemption bible I am l i v i n g #reylo #savebensolo #thelastjedi

sammisho I have never read any star wars books but I have this on hold at the library. I have been scared to read any star war novels, and not really sure where to start 2y
Mccartershanon @sammisho This has been amazing so far! I would say definitely check out the Revenge of the Sith novel and Lost Stars! 2y
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Bet Me | Jennifer Crusie
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1. Mindy and Cal are snarky, witty, and had great chemistry.
2. Ooh.. so many.. Westley and Buttercup, #Reylo , Anne and Wentworth
3. Peonies. love them so much I succumbed to another tattoo 😊
4. Reese's peanut butter cups
5. Umm... I guess red.
@JoScho for #manicmonday

batsy Anne and Wentworth 💘 2y
tpixie Love peonies! 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just got back from The Last Jedi. It was amazing!!! God, so much I could say about this movie. But I won't. :) Instead let me just say I LOVE Kylo Ren!! I can not wait to see what happens next. :) And still totally shipping Reylo! :D

#Starwars #Thelastjedi #Reylo #Kyloren

awishman Kylo and Rey parts were the most compelling parts. Definite chemistry there. Adam Driver was OUTSTANDING. 😍 2y
Andrea4 They were great together -but I loved Fin and Rose too, not sure if I'm shipping them but def amazing friends! 2y
Valeka Adam Driver - SWWWWOOOONNNN!! 2y
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Bookwormjillk I can't wait for my kids to get on vacation already so we can see this. 2y
LadyRuthven @Andrea4 Aww Fin and Rose were so cute. I loved their little side adventure. Her tazing him cracked me up so much. And the Chemistry between Kylo and Rey was intense. Adam really knocked it out the park with the role. And damn, the shirtless scene was sooo hot. 2y
LadyRuthven @awishman Seriously! The intense emotion of their scenes had me almost in tears. I found myself routing for Kylo Ren towards the end. Haha I'm going to be devastated if he dies in the last movie. Adam is so hot and amazing in his acting ability. He's going to have a long career ahead of him. 2y
awishman I'm still hoping for Ren-demption. And Star Wars is lucky ton have Adam Driver. He is so talented. And yeah, also so hot. 🔥😍 2y
LadyRuthven @Valeka Sploosh!!! Be still my heart. And that scar made him even hotter. :D 2y
Andrea4 I agree with all comments on Driver. I also really loved the scenes just with Rey; the shot where she is practicing alone made me tear up because I thought damn, I wanna be her and then I realised when I was a kid I didn't have any girl role models like that- I think that's why I loved Karate Kid 3(?) so much, cuz the chick was a bad ass! 2y
LadyRuthven @Andrea4 Yes, that's how I felt growing up too. There just weren't that many girl heroes as the main character back then. Plenty of sidekicks though. I wanted to be a Jedi also so Rey really has a special place in my heart. And she is so powerful too. My heart broke for her lonliness and I did tear up when Kylo Ren extended his hand to her and said what he said. Such a powerful scene as well as the cave scene. 2y
GrilledCheeseSamurai I loved everything about this movie and can't stop thinking about. And how about Luke Skywalker, hey? So, so good! 🙌🙌🙌 2y
Andrea4 Yea the rock scene was great too! And the hug that followed it-omg, heartbreak! I just can't wait to see how all these relationships play out because as @GrilledCheeseSamurai said, I also loved everything about this movie! 2y
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