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Elegance of the Hedgehog | Muriel Barbery
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#AyUpAugust A few titles I read this year that have an #animal in the title 🐒🦐🦈 🐯🦔🐲I think my favorites were the tagged book, Monkey God & Moon Tiger. My least favorite was probably the most popular book, Crawdads🤷🏼‍♀️Special shoutout to @BookaholicNatty & @Simona for each gifting me one of these books ♥️

Cathythoughts Nice cover on Moon Tiger ! I need to read that one 5d
Cinfhen That‘s the edition I read @Cathythoughts and it was gifted to me by the lovely @Simona ❤️definitely read it, beautiful writing 🙌🏻 I think it‘s right in your wheelhouse 😊 5d
squirrelbrain Loved Hedgehog! Sounds like I may need to read Moon Tiger as well! 5d
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gradcat Beautiful post! Such a gaggle of great books here!! ♥️ (edited) 5d
KarenUK Hedgehog is a fave of mine, and I just got Moon Tiger on book depository based on your review! 💕👍😊 5d
Cinfhen I see what you did there @gradcat 😉oh no #Pressure #MoonTiger @KarenUK @squirrelbrain Hope you both enjoy it!!! 5d
BarbaraBB Great post! I loved Moon Tiger, but Hedgehog not that much. And I really enjoyed Crawdads... ☺️😊 (edited) 4d
Cinfhen Seems we‘re out of sync recently @BarbaraBB How‘s your jet lag??? 4d
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen it was the worst (I could read Poisonwood Bible all night) but now I‘m back on track. And in sync with you again, I am looooving 4d
Cinfhen Woohoo on LOVING “Rivers” BooHoo on jet lag😩 Did u end up enjoying Poisonwood Bible???? @BarbaraBB Are u back at work??? That must be hard too!!! 4d
BarbaraBB Yes I did enjoy Poisonwood too! And I am back at work. That‘s hard indeed, especially since it is raining all day too. It‘s weird to think that only a week ago I was sunbathing on Hampton Beach... 4d
gradcat @Cinfhen I‘m very punny, you know. By the way, just wanted to add that the tagged book is one of my all-time favorites—I see I‘m in good company, @BarbaraBB ! 3d
Reviewsbylola I loved Hedgehog!! 1d
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Moon Tiger | Penelope Lively
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rather_be_reading welcome to litsy!! 📚🎉📚 1y
Eggs Welcome to Litsy 👋🏻😊 1y
thereadingowlvina Welcome to Litsy!!! 🤗🎉 14mo
Aimeesue Moon Tiger is such a great book. Welcome! 14mo
Bookspirit 👋Welcome to Litsy and Congrats on becoming a Litten 👏☺ 14mo
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