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Diary of a wimpy kid, written and illustrated by Jeff Kinney is a New York Times bestseller and is a hilarious realistic fiction. I loved reading these books in middle school and was thrilled when they came out with the movie series based off the book. This book follows the life of a scrawny boy who is starting middle school and his hilarious friends.

Haleysantucci Each book is filled with stories that are geared to make you laugh! I would love for my students to do a dramatic read for this book as sort of a comical experience. I would utilize the UDL principle 1.3 by allowing them to act it out and give another visual representation of the story. 3y
Haleysantucci I would use the ESOL strategy number 2 by having them work in small groups to read aloud dramatically to one another. 3y
Haleysantucci https://www.wimpykidclub.co.uk/teachers-resources/ This is a site all for the diary of a wimpy kid series. It has lesson plans and teachers resources! #LAR3414sp19 3y
LaGasseSam1996 I loved Diary of a Wimpy Kid as a kid. I think having students working in a small group would be a good idea for this book. It allows students to get feedback from one another. 3y
DrSpalding This is another series much like Harry Potter that encouraged children to read and read so many books because of the alluring character and format including images somewhat like a graphic novel. 3y
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