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I wanted to watch #Carrie tonight @TricksyTails but my family apparently has crappy taste in movies. "I didn't like it the first time" "Mom, old movies suck" I'll have to watch it alone. Soo......I guess it's a night with Poirot. I'm pretty sure they only agreed because it reminds them of Clue, lol #movienight #booktofilm #Ineedamoviefriend

RainyDayReading I just watched Murder on the Orient Express last night, what did you think? 1y
TricksyTails 😂😂😂 Having recently rewatched Carrie I‘m going to say the opening scene might not be the best for family time! 😳😂 1y
FantasyChick Honestly, @RainyDayReading I found it a little dry. I never read the book (I'm a "movie before book" kind of person ?) and found the ending lacked as well. Whoever played Poirot also drove me nuts...his mouth hardly moved when he spoke and I couldn't stop staring lol ? It wasn't bad....I just don't think it was for me. My bf liked it more than I did ? 1y
RainyDayReading @FantasyChick I can understand that. I enjoyed it well enough but there were definitely a few things that I had issues with that were different from the book. But on the flip side I understand why they changed what they did. Doesn‘t bug me any less though haha. Omg Poirot drove me nuts, mostly with his attitude at times. I think you would enjoy the book more. 1y
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