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Crown of Midnight | Sarah J. Maas
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This was exactly what I was hoping for from the sequel. It provides so much more on the history of magic and the genealogies of our characters. There were definitely parts that crushed me in this book (I'm looking at you Chaol) but I've found that even though I'm invested in these characters, I'm not as emotionally attached to them as with her ACOTAR series.

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DEV1AT3 (Deviate) | Jay Kristoff
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Going to read this eBook from library while waiting for my pre-ordered hardcover US edition.
One of the #NewRelease I'm super excited about!
A sequel to LIFEL1K3 , a #YA #SciFi about #robots & #humanoid thats packed with actions. A mash up of Blade Runner with #MadMax & #Xmen. Love his writing, the characters& its crazy world building! Anyone reading this too?
#LoveOzYA #readinglife #AussieReader #bookworm #bibliophile #ebook

tpixie Fun!!! 4d
LibrarianRyan Lucky. My preorder isn‘t in yet. 4d
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BooknerdsLife @LibrarianRyan Thank you 🤗 I know my pre order is on its way but I just can‘t wait 😆 So going to read this ebook as slowly as possible! 4d
KirstieE I need to reread the first book! I LOVED it but can‘t remember what happened much 😂 2d
BooknerdsLife @KirstieE Hahaaa Same! I‘ve honestly forgotten some of the details too 😆 But it‘s lovely that Jay has put in a brief summary of what had happened in the last book right at the beginning so you can dive right into this 🤗👍🏼 2d
KirstieE Oh good!! That‘s handy hahahaha 2d
BooknerdsLife @KirstieE LOL Yessss! Jay was being very nice for doing that 🤣🤣 But I definitely need to reread Nevernight & Godsgrave before Darkdawn...it‘s been too long LOL 2d
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Fairy Tail V25 | Hiro Mashima
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Oh man, this is what I've been wanting. Fairy Tail lost me for a little bit with the last story arc to the point where I wasn't really excited to get back into the series but this really changed it. I loved this volume and it was a solid start to winning me back. I'm so excited to see what awaits for our heroes on this island and to see how far their magic will take them now that the trouble has found them.

#ebook #manga #mpls #twincities

Normal People | Sally Rooney
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Back to #30JuneBooks
It's winter here so the perfect #ReadingPlace atm is in my bed, cuddle up with my fluffy blanket & cup of organic green tea or coffee in the morning. I cannot just read one book at a time so I like to switch between different books with different genre, from eBook to physical, & occasionally audio, depending on the mood
What is your preference?

#ebook #audiobook #bibliophile #readinglife #bookworm #readingnook

Suet624 Monogamous paper reader. 😁 5d
BooknerdsLife @Suet624 Hahaaa I respect monogamous reader 💯 % 🙌🏼💖📚 I too, prefer paper books & can read much faster than ebooks 😅🙈 5d
BookHoarder32 On vacay so moving between e-books and print 👍 5d
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BooknerdsLife @BookHoarder32 That sounds lovely! Happy holiday to you 🙌🏼💖 kindle is the best during travel and leave you more room to get new books! 😂👍🏼 5d
Jee_HookedOnBookz Omg I salute you for being able to multi-read! I can only read one at a time! 5d
Freespirit I read paper books but like to listen to audiobooks in the car or whilst walking. I have a kindle( an original) but haven‘t used it for years😬 5d
teainthelibrary Sounds like the perfect morning! I am the exact same - a cup of coffee in bed with a stack of books to switch about 😊 5d
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz Hahaaa Thank you 😅💖 I simply get bored easily & I‘m a very slow reader, so it‘s not really a good thing 😆 Somtimes I wish I could listen to an audio book while I read a different book at the same time! Haven‘t quite master that skill yet! 🤣🤣 3d
BooknerdsLife @Freespirit Hahaa your poor kindle 😂 I still prefer a good paper book and I read it much faster than ebook (weird, I know) Nothing beat flipping through actual pages! But Kindle is best when travelling or holiday so I don‘t worry about what book to pack plus more room for new physical books! 🤗 Not a big audio fan yet, I‘ve tried driving with audio book but couldn‘t concentrate on both 🙈 but it‘s great while walking👍🏼 3d
BooknerdsLife @teainthelibrary Thank you 🤗💕 Hahaa IKR! Coffee + cozy bed + Books = Perfect combo💜📚☕️🙌🏼 3d
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Sawkill Girls | Claire Legrand
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This book totally took me by surprise! A #Fantasy #Mystery & part #Horror story
What I love most are the characters, these 3 kickass strong girls who turned from enemies to allies and stood together to fight this monster & this stupid men only cult! I'm surprised to see the diversity of these characters (including biseual & asexual) and the writing was beyond any #YA I've read this year. A solid 4🌟/5
#ebook #review #readinglife #LGBTQ #pridemonth

sebrittain I loved this book! Have you read her Empirium series? 5d
BooknerdsLife No I haven‘t yet but have reserved them from my library 🤗 Have you read? Did you enjoy them? I‘ve seen some reviews & seems like those who love this book don‘t like the other series as much and vice versa 🤔 (edited) 5d
BooknerdsLife @sebrittain oops! Just saw your review! 😆🙈 I cant wait to start the series! 5d
sebrittain @BooknerdsLife I love the series, but it definitely took a while to get used to the alternating perspectives/storylines 5d
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The Bookshop at Water's End | Patti Callahan Henry
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#bookclub is on Monday and I'm just now starting the selection for June. Seems like it will be a pretty quick read though. Perfect #summervibes so far! 🌊 #ebook #librarybook

Mamashep Henry‘s books are quick reads. 1w
Chelsea.Poole @Mamashep I am finding this to be true! Thanks 😊 6d
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Sawkill Girls | Claire Legrand
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Another current read. Hope I can finish before it's due back to the library.
It's supposed to be a fantasy mystery? Too early to tell but definitely something is up in that little town of Sawkill Rock when all those girls gone missing and dead over the years!

#CurrentRead #Mystery #YA #librarybook #ebook #readinglife #AussieReader

Burton Blake | Robert Tucker
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Reading a bit of this before bed. #ebook

The V Girl | Mya Robarts
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Enjoying some wine and the tagged book this evening.

#wineandread #ebook

StayCurious Sounds like a great plan! 2w
britt_brooke Enjoy! 2w
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Pillow Thoughts | Courtney Peppernell
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Book 83 of 2019
#ebook #netgalley #arc #poetry

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