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Enemy Mine | Barry B Longyear
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TNG 3.7 #TheEnemy has great bones, but suffers from the writers not knowing how to write Geordi. It could have led to more stories. We never see the Romulan Bochra again (but we got more Tomalak). In the end, it‘s a throwaway episode and a waste. In the first TNG bible, Geordi was supposed to be gay. Fans know that and this epi gave fodder to more slash than any other besides his relationship with Data.

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tournevis My favorite book about enemies is, yes, a movie novelization, but it‘s just that good and an overall better version of the episode's story. Enemy Mine is a fantastic movie/book about racism forged by the military and I love it and David Gerrold, who co-wrote the book despite what the database says, is a literary genious that we should cherish. 6mo
twohectobooks I had no idea Geordi was originally supposed to be gay!! Wow. 6mo
tournevis @twohectobooks Rick Berman convinced Roddenberry to change it, for all the wrong reasons (Berman is a raging homophobe), but it's true the idea might not have been ready for prime time tv in 1987. The problem is it turned the character awkward and stalkery, who they did not know how to write. Wasted potential IMO. 6mo
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twohectobooks Huge missed opportunity! I‘ve also heard that Malcolm Reed on Enterprise was originally intended to be a gay character (not sure if this is just a rumour) which was definitely ready for prime time by then and also a huge missed opportunity. I love Trek so much but it really disappoints me sometimes. 6mo
tournevis @twohectobooks I would not be surprised. I've never read specifically about Reed, but Berman stopped every attempt to have a male gay character in every iteration he was involved in, movies and series. So many people on record about this. He allowed Dax because a woman and lesbians are sexy. 6mo
Megabooks @twohectobooks @tournevis What about Bashir? I think he was supposed to be gay as well. I think Reed is an especially lost opportunity because there were out characters on other shows by then. All Bashir did was stalk Dax until she became a different she. Wasted. I‘m so glad Wilson Cruz is on #DSC. I 💙 him on Twitter, and I really 💙 Ricki Vasquez!! (edited) 6mo
tournevis @Megabooks @twohectobooks Though Bashir was not planned as gay, Sidig el Fadil and Andrew Robinson did play them as gay and loved doing it. Still do. Berman was at them throughout for doing it, ordering to tone it down, which led to fewer and fewer scenes together and "romantic" interests pushed in the plotlines. Ira Behr and Berman fought over this A LOT but Berman was the boss and had final say. 6mo
tournevis @Megabooks Ricky! I'm so glad to finally have represention, though I'm of two minds with the use of the words gay and pan in the dialogue. I get it: it's important to have these words on tv now. But there is no way these words will still be used in 400 years. They are not sciencefictional words. But I get it. 6mo
Megabooks @tournevis I used to read Bashir/Garak fiction in my 20s. I think I like that more than Kira/Dax, but it‘s close. Although I will say I never read much sexual fiction because I‘m asexual, and while it‘s fun, that‘s, you know, not my thing. I am not aromatic, though, so there were some parts I enjoyed. 👍🏻👍🏻 6mo
tournevis @Megabooks Ace Power to You!!! Now, if the rampant production of all matters of slash in every fandom you can think of is anything to go by, people crave lgbt content, for many divergeant reasons, and will create it if not provided with it by cannon, Berman be damned. 6mo
Megabooks @tournevis Thanks!!! I‘m hoping there will be more open representation of asexuals someday. 🤞🏻🤞🏻I guess we got The Outcast 🙄🙄, which somehow (Berman) turned way heternormative. I think everybody wants to see something of themselves on TV, whether it‘s being non-heterosexual, various (dis)abilities, being people/aliens of color, or neuro-atypical. I hope we keep, as being vocal fans, things moving in a direction of inclusivity/representation. 6mo
Megabooks I wanted to add non-cisgender but ran out of space! So much more I want to see!! 6mo
tournevis @Megabooks You and me both. 6mo
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