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DAY 3: Joan Didion wrote numerous journalistic essays about 60s and 70s America, many based in #California. These were my first two Didion books and I love her conversational style. She‘s a phenomenal nonfiction writer.


britt_brooke 📷: Julian Wasser 13mo
Cinfhen ❤️🙌🏻#CaliforniaDreamin 13mo
JennyM Love this photo of her 13mo
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Billypar I forgot that The White Album had an essay on Doris Lessing- I'm just finishing a reread of the Golden Notebook. I'm interested in what Didion had to say about her- seems like she wasn't a fan, from what I've heard! 13mo
kspenmoll Great pick! 13mo
celtichik I've read her later things; I'm hoping to dig in to her earlier works over holiday break. 13mo
britt_brooke @Billypar You‘re right! She‘s no fan. 13mo
britt_brooke @JennyM Isn‘t is beautiful? The full photo had her husband and daughter as well. 13mo
britt_brooke @celtichik I hope you enjoy! I read these then quickly read her memoirs which ripped me apart. I love her writing. Have you tried any of her fiction? I haven‘t yet. 13mo
celtichik I haven't read her fiction, I read the memoirs when they came out. I can't imagine what she went through with her daughter and husband. There was a really good documentary on her life on Netflix, check it out if you haven't. 13mo
britt_brooke @celtichik I‘ll look for the documentary - thanks! 13mo
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