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Oh my! Look what came in the mail: The #LMPBC book from #sprainedbrain along with some book-related goodies. Thanks so much Jenni.
I read the first story last night, and all I can say is I‘m puzzled...
#Butterfinger #Buddenbrooks was sent to you last week and I hope you ‘ve received it by now.

@jmofo @Butterfinger @sprainedbrain

sprainedbrain Yay! Glad it has arrived. 😃 9mo
Butterfinger Yes @arubabookwoman. I was so excited. I'm afraid to write in it so I'm going to purchase some post it's tomorrow before the snow comes. Jim Cantore is in my neck of the woods. I have to warn you, I left it on my side table to go to the bathroom and my 7 year old gets it, runs, trips over our new puppy, and drops it just so she can "bring me the book that you were excited about, momma." It is now on my highest shelf. I'm treating it like my Bible 9mo
Butterfinger I didn't want an apostrophe in the word post-its. 9mo
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Butterfinger @jmofo have you received Shirley Jackson? 9mo
arubabookwoman Oh please write in the book! Post-it‘s have a way of migrating, and I would like to have people‘s comments permanently in the book. You‘ll see I did lots of writing in the book. Your 7 year old sounds very sweet! @Butterfinger 9mo
Butterfinger Ok. I will. She is, but WILD. Maybe there should have been a question on the survey, "Do you have young children?" ? I hope it snows so much my husband will have to stay home and I will be able to read without interruption. 9mo
jmofo @Butterfinger I have not it will no doubt be here soon. May I write in your book? I write in my own when inspired. It‘s cool your kiddo gets excited about what you‘re excited about. 😊 9mo
Butterfinger Oh yes you may. @jmofo I love that wild little girl so much. 9mo
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"I open one of the doors and take an orange soda, the first plastic bottle I touch... “There‘s more behind you,” the clerk says. He must think I‘m looking at the candy. I grab a Butterfinger from the rack and place it next to my drink. I put a few dollars on the counter and slide them over to him.

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