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My opinion only - I don‘t think people should “bash” an author. I don‘t see people do it here , but I have had people say “ so and so is a horrible author” or “ that‘s a terrible” book. Some like some books, others don‘t. It‘s all personal. But I think all reading is wonderful....no matter who and what you read. #BookishUnpopularOpinion

Thank you @shadowspeak17 for your wonderful giveaway. My 3 books of choice- The Institute, Inland, Poet X

Melismatic Agree! I think it‘s better to think a book isn‘t for you...or isn‘t for you right now. It‘s all subjective. 3w
AmyG Bonus: I disliked: Bel Canto (though I have liked some of her other books). I liked Eat, Pray, Love...though I know many who didn‘t. And...I shall tag @Soubhiville (check out @shadowspeak17 page for how to enter. 3w
Soubhiville Thanks for the tag Amy! And I agree- just because I don‘t like a book doesn‘t make it bad. 2w
shadowspeak17 I agree. It bothers me when someone tells me a book or author I like is bad like it‘s just a fact or something because, well, it‘s not a fact. It‘s totally subjective. I don‘t want to make anyone feel bad about what they read even if what they read is 100% not my thing.

Bel Canto‘s on my TBR. I guess time will tell if I end up in the unpopular opinion camp with you. 😬
Thanks for entering!
AmyG @shadowspeak17 Let me know about Bel Canto. And thank YOU. 2w
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Combining #SoaringScores #DarcysLetter with a Litsyversary shoutout to @shadowspeak17 🥳🥳🥳 congrats #UnpopularOpinionGiveaway

1. Most serious readers dislike the idea of modern adaptations of the classics but for me, I PREFER them to the originals. I find the Re-tellings more approachable and both more relatable & enjoyable 😉#BookishUnpopularOpinion
2. 3 books on my radar are The Dearly Beloved, The Only Plane in the Sky & By The Book 👇🏼

Cinfhen Bonus Entries @shadowspeak17 I Disliked The Alchemist ( I thought it was WEAK) and I really liked this book, which was VERY POLARIZING 👉🏾 3w
Cinfhen And I‘m tagging @AmyG who might want to enter the #UnpopularOpinionGiveaway xx check out @shadowspeak17 page for all the details 💖💖💖 3w
AmyG Thank you so much for the tag! 😘 3w
CrowCAH I like to stick with the originals. But some adaptations are really nice. 2w
shadowspeak17 I don‘t think I‘ve ever read a retelling of a classic before. 🤔 I‘m not totally opposed to the idea, but I do think I‘d rather read the original. Thanks for entering! 2w
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