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“The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes.”

#StarTrekSummerJune | 23: #ASimpleInvestigation

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Megabooks Definitely true! 2mo
Slajaunie Why are the rectangles not lined up evenly? 2mo
LiterRohde @Slajaunie I know, right? Isn‘t that annoying? But so many people (I believe) gloss right over stuff like that therefore not observing something so obvious to me. Hence, why I used that photo in the post. (edited) 2mo
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Slajaunie Things like this destroy me. I need to fix it!! 2mo
LiterRohde @Slajaunie And let me just say “You‘re Welcome” even before you thank me. 2mo
Slajaunie It‘s amazing how fast I can spot the problem! Grrr! 2mo
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Criminal Investigation | Ronald F. Becker
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Ooofff!! What a gut-punch of an episode, such twist and turns, never sure what the truth was until the end. And what an ending, so friggin sad for poor Odo again. I don't cry easy, but this episode left a big lump in my throat. 😥😥😥

#StarTrekSummerJune #ASimpleInvestigation @Megabooks

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#ASimpleInvestigation immediately made me think of the 1980s PBS Mystery intro. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That sh!t scared me to death as a kid!! I remember hearing the woman tied to the roof and running for my bed. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 My parents still love Mystery, but I‘ve never gotten into it. #StarTrekSummerJune

tournevis I miss Vincent Price! 2mo
Megabooks @tournevis He terrified me! 2mo
tournevis @Megabooks He was so good at that! 2mo
LeslieO Gorey! 2mo
Megabooks @LeslieO I don‘t like the body in the lake! 2mo
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DS9 5.17 #ASimpleInvestigation I don't like it. It's a basic procedural, where the victim turns out to be a culprit of sorts, because things are not what they seem *hand waving; wink*. It's a vague retelling of the 1952 film The Narrow Margin. Rather boring and only a pretext to get Odo a love interest story, that makes little sense. Odo sex? Nope. No one needed that. It's one of the few true throwaway DS9 episodes. Blargh. #startreksummerjune

Megabooks Wow! Such different opinions on this one! 2mo
tournevis @Megabooks I saw. I just find it so useless. 2mo
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