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It's so interesting to look at these numbers because I didn't feel like I read much at all. That is to say there were significant chunks of time available to read and I did not. Also, anyone feel like January was eleventy billion days long? Or maybe that's because so much crap has gone down in the past month. Oh well.

BiblioNyan January definitely felt stupidly long to me as well. I wonder if the rest of the year is going to be like that. 😮 Also, I love the way you track books! It's creative and cute. 3y
Nafiza Ohmigod yes. I read 24 books but most of them were picturebooks. I wrote 40k words however and maybe that counts a little? 3y
DebinHawaii Great job! January definitely felt longer to me! 🎉📚👍 3y
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theshrinkette @Nafiza Um that counts for a whole lot. I spent a lot of time either raging or just spiralling in despair. Write your resistance Nafiza. ❤️ 3y
theshrinkette @DebinHawaii Thanks. Oh I'm glad it's not just me. 3y
theshrinkette @Bibli0.Nyan Haha I was feeling to lazy to design a graphic on Canva. Yeah each day in January felt like the entire year of 2016. Ugh. 3y
Nafiza 3y
Theresa "Read my own damn books" - I love it!! Awesome month! 3y
theshrinkette @Theresa Haha actually that's a tag created by @estellasrevenge, you can check out the details on her blog! 3y
LornaDH Who were your disabled authors/characters? 3y
theshrinkette @LornaDH I included chronic pain, mental illness, and disability all in one: Girl Out of Water (disabled char, author has chronic pain), 3 (author suffers from MI), All the rage (MC has ptsd), Carrie fisher (bipolar), History (OCD) 3y
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