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A Mind For Numbers
A Mind For Numbers: How to Excel at Math and Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra) | Barbara Oakley
The companion book to COURSERA's wildly popular massive open online course "Learning How to Learn" Whether you are a student struggling to fulfill a math or science requirement, or you are embarking on a career change that requires a new skill set, A Mind for Numbers offers the tools you need to get a better grasp of that intimidating material. Engineering professor Barbara Oakley knows firsthand how it feels to struggle with math. She flunked her way through high school math and science courses, before enlisting in the army immediately after graduation. When she saw how her lack of mathematical and technical savvy severely limited her optionsboth to rise in the military and to explore other careersshe returned to school with a newfound determination to re-tool her brain to master the very subjects that had given her so much trouble throughout her entire life. In A Mind for Numbers, Dr. Oakley lets us in on the secrets to learning effectivelysecrets that even dedicated and successful students wish theyd known earlier. Contrary to popular belief, math requires creative, as well as analytical, thinking. Most people think that theres only one way to do a problem, when in actuality, there are often a number of different solutionsyou just need the creativity to see them. For example, there are more than three hundred different known proofs of the Pythagorean Theorem. In short, studying a problem in a laser-focused way until you reach a solution is not an effective way to learn. Rather, it involves taking the time to step away from a problem and allow the more relaxed and creative part of the brain to take over. The learning strategies in this book apply not only to math and science, but to any subject in which we struggle. We all have what it takes to excel in areas that don't seem to come naturally to us at first, and learning them does not have to be as painful as we might think! From the Trade Paperback edition.
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I wish this book existed when i was in high school. The title might say it's beneficial to Math and Science students, but this book is meant for anyone who enjoys learning or wants to be good at something they're learning. Oakley doesn't use and scientific mumbo jumbo but uses clear examples and techniques which can be beneficial to any learner and presents it in a easy and understandable manner. 👇

sudi I personally think that this book should be almost like a sacred text for any student of any age. I liked this so much i'm going to purchase a paperback so i can go through some points again. 3mo
rretzler I picked this up a couple of years ago but have not yet read it. 3mo
sudi @rretzler you should give it a try, it's really good. Or if you know someone that is a student you could also gift it to them. 3mo
Tanisha_A Super review my friend! 👏 3mo
sudi @Tanisha_A thank you 😊😘 3mo
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This book should be called “A Mind for Learning: How to Excel at Anything“ since the information in here is not specific to doing well in math and science. The information in here is in my area of expertise, so I didn‘t learn anything new, but this book should be required reading for all students. It distills the science on how the brain learns in the most straightforward, practical way I‘ve read yet. Highly recommended!

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It has been raining nonstop today. But i managed to complete my morning walk and i did a short 15 min ab workout. It was fun to go walking in the rain, since there were so few people in the park. The photo is when i got back home, and now i'm going to read my book while drinking some hot tea 🍵.
#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc #bfcr2 @wanderinglynn
@Mitch @MicrobeMom @phatsallylee @ErinSueGreads @Blaire @Itchyfeetreader @Chrissyreadit

julesG You earned your hot tea! 👏👏👏 5mo
sudi Thanks @julesG , it was fun walking in the rain 😄 5mo
Megabooks Glad you got your walk in!! 5mo
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sudi @Megabooks thank you 😊😘 5mo
Sunraven Hot tea and reading after a rainy walk sounds deliciously divine. ☺️ 5mo
LapReader Well done. I would reward myself with a hot bath too. 5mo
sudi @Sunraven it so is, i just want to curl up in a blanket 😌 5mo
sudi @LapReader did that too. It was the best bath ever 😄 5mo
Tanisha_A 🥳🙌 5mo
sudi @Tanisha_A how the weather for you? 5mo
Tanisha_A @sudi It's niceeeeee! Raining a bit, sooo windy. Loving it! 5mo
Tanisha_A I am going to see Toy Story 4 tomorrow! Soooo excited! 🥳 5mo
sudi @Tanisha_A it is perfect chai and pakoda weather 😄 5mo
sudi @Tanisha_A did it already release ? 5mo
Tanisha_A @sudi Yessss, I miss mother made pakodas. 😭 5mo
Tanisha_A @sudi Yessss babe, it has released! 5mo
sudi @Tanisha_A i'll definitely try and book the tickets. Anytime i go see these movies it is compulsary for me to take my nephews too, they'll go crazy if they realise i went to watch it alone 😆 5mo
Tanisha_A Hahahah! So cute. I think it's fun watching these types of movies with kids at times (as long as they don't ask too many questions during the movie 🙄)! 5mo
sudi @Tanisha_A so true 😑, they stay quiet only during marvel or star wars movies 5mo
wanderinglynn Great job! 🙌🏻 5mo
sudi Thanks @wanderinglynn 💜💜💜 5mo
Mitch Well done for going out! I hope the pink shoes survived! 4mo
sudi Thank you @Mitch and they survived and didn't even get soggy 😄 4mo
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Day 1 has been awesome so far. Managed to hit my goal of 45 minutes physical activity daily, that included
32 min - Circuit Training focused on cardio and abs
20 min - Walking

And began reading the tagged book, it's an interesting take on learning methods
#bookfitnesschallenge #bfc #bfcr2

And Shoutout to our amazing team leader @Mitch

sudi @Mitch i wanted to ask if we have to tag the team members as well 5mo
BookwormAHN Great beginning 👏🏻 5mo
RachelO Great work! I really like the look of that app you‘re using too 😊 5mo
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sudi @RachelO thanks, the app is actually googlefit 😊 5mo
sudi Thanks @BookwormAHN 😊💙 5mo
wanderinglynn Way to go! 🙌🏻 Great start! 5mo
sudi Thanks @wanderinglynn 😊💜 5mo
Mitch Yeah! That‘s a brilliant start to the week. That book looks great, I like the idea of stepping away from a complex problem and letting the creative part of the brain chew it over... 5mo
Mitch @sudi whatever you want to do honey. 🥳 5mo
sudi Thanks @Mitch , it is a pretty good read. The first chapter was based exactly on that topic, it talked about focused v/s diffused thinking and how both of them are needed while learning. 5mo
LazyOwl Well done, great start 5mo
sudi Thank you @LazyOwl 😊💙 5mo
Itchyfeetreader Well done!! 5mo
sudi Thank you @Itchyfeetreader 😊💜 5mo
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This audiobook was exactly what I needed to hear to help me reshape my thinking and approach especially in my Calculus class.

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The information in the book isn't necessarily revelatory, but the way Dr. Oakley lays it out makes it important. The book is also accessible; it cuts right to the point in clear language.

I really appreciate that the author was just as terrified of math in school as many of us were. Seeing her love math now, and have multiple engineering and science degrees, adds weight to her arguments. I wish every math/science teacher would read this book.

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Happy Tuesday! The workday and family obligations are done, so now it's read/write time with supports. 😉

#readAllTheThings #writeStuff #fancyChocolates #wine

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An excellent pairing with my current #fiction read. Lots of praise for this book, I'm going in with high hopes!

#nonfiction #STEM #science #math

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Congrats to @Kaye for her #50k
1. Truman 2. Memorial Day 3 Friday
4. 1974 5. 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
6. Cheaper by the Dozen 7. 22 8. 6
9. one but I never need to pull it out, they know my name and type it in the computer
10. 47

AmyG Wow 47 states! 2y
Eggs A Truman baby like me 2y
Betty @AmyG I was fortunate to be born to parents who enjoyed summer drives. 2y
Kaye ✅thanks. #trumansgirls 2y
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Here's something fun- the Bookout app can generate an infographic about a book you've read.


I read this book for a class and found it very useful and insightful. Although the title implies math, it explains concisely how we learn and create memories in general. It outlines strategies and techniques to study for comprehension (not just test taking), to handle procrastination, to create new habits, to improve memory, and to reduce performance anxiety. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to continue to learn in any setting.

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I only picked up this book because it was on sale for a dollar from audible one day. It was 1 of the 5 books I picked up that day in a truly random assortment of sale items and, it was.... Really good. I am finishing up school right now in Forensic Biology/Chemistry and this book actually had some great study suggestions. A Mind for Numbers teaches you how to grapple with difficult material, of any kind, and does it without being dry or dull.

Smrloomis Did you read the piece she wrote about going from #Russian to #engineering? Really interesting! http://m.nautil.us/issue/40/learning/how-i-rewired-my-brain-to-become-fluent-in-... 3y
UnravledFox I did not. I had actually never heard of her before this book, but she tells some of the story in the book so I will totally read that. Thanks for the link❤️ 3y
MrBook Nice review! 3y
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