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Llama Llama Mad at Mama
Llama Llama Mad at Mama | Anna Dewdney
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Yucky music, great big feet. Ladies smelling way too sweet. Look at knees and stand in line. Llama Llama starts to whine. Does any child like to go shopping? Not Llama Llama! But Mama cant leave Llama at home, so off they go to Shop-O-Rama. Lots of aisles. Long lines. Mama is too busy to notice that Llama Llama is getting m-a-d! And before he knows it, hes having a full-out tantrum! Mama quickly calms him down, but she also realizes that they need to make shopping more fun for both of them. Parents and children are sure to recognize themselves in this fun-to-read follow-up to the popular Llama Llama Red Pajama. Watch a Video
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If my toddler wrote a book...
#toddlersoflitsy #mydearwatson

Side note: What kind of super powers does Mama Llama have that she can get her kid to calm down with just a few sentences?

MatchlessMarie 😅😅😅 1mo
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I have a LOt if bookish tees. This is just a sampling from my old library that will be made into throw pillows this winter.

I also have (off the top of my head
- Mcgruf
-Rocket the dog
-super Librarian
-broken TV reading a book
David Carrie print
Eat sleep read (3 versions)

Itchyfeetreader I like the idea of making them into throw pillows 1y
LibrarianRyan @Itchyfeetreader yep. I‘m actually making pillow covers so that I can change them in and out with the seasons etc. 1y
tonyahoswalt Llama Llama! 1y
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Modern Fantasy
Llama llama and his mama are out shopping. When Llama Llama gets bored he starts to have bad behavior. It seems that Mama Llama and Baby Llama both learn a lesson. Baby llama learns patience and Mama Llama learns to include him so he doesn‘t get bored while shopping. Throwing a fit doesn‘t get you your way. Sometimes explain things calmly can help others understand and have better behavior.

Kirsten.Pacheco I love the Llama Llama series because they teach children patience and that sometimes it isn‘t all about us and we have to be patient to get what we want. Great book! 2y
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Went to the used bookstore to try and get my nephew done different Llama Llama books and somehow all these other books came home home with me. Whoops.

R.Lyn-Romance-Reads When my niece was around that age her favorite was Llama Llama Red Pajamas. 3y
ohyeahthatgirl I loooved R.L. Stine! 3y
melrailey That's my problem @Silent_Whispers we read Red Pajamas 20 times a day. I read it in my sleep. I'm desperate to get him to latch on to a new book. 3y
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RadicalReader @melrailey what a gorgeous name for a book love when books rhyme like they do 3y
RadicalReader @ohyeahthatgirl my favorite is R L Stine goosebumps 3y
StephBengtson Yes!! R.L. Stine!! 🙌🏼 3y
OrangeMooseReads Love the Llama Llama books! 3y
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I was looking through old books and found this. It was my little brother's favorite when he was little!😜

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Oh this makes me so sad. I love this author's books and read them to my kids all the time. 😥

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RIP Anna Dewdney. You brought lots of laughter into our home.

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"Llama llama loves his mama."

So sad to hear of the passing of Anna Dewdney. The Llama Llama books are some of this boy's favorites. And this boy really does love his mama.

Carol 💔💔💔💔💔 3y
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