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The Last Animal
The Last Animal: A Novel | Ramona Ausubel
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A playful, witty, and resonant novel in which a single mother and her two teen daughters engage in a wild scientific experiment and discover themselves in the process, from the award-winning writer of Sons and Daughters of Ease and Plenty Teenage sisters Eve and Vera never imagined their summer vacation would be spent in the Arctic, tagging along on their mothers scientific expedition. But theres a lot about their lives lately that hasnt been going as planned, and truth be told, their single mother might not be so happy either. Now in Siberia with a bunch of serious biologists, Eve and Vera are just bored enough to cause trouble. Fooling around in the permafrost, they accidentally discover a perfectly preserved, four-thousand-year-old baby mammoth, and things finally start to get interesting. The discovery sets off a surprising chain of events, leading mother and daughters to go rogue, pinging from the slopes of Siberia to the shores of Iceland to an exotic animal farm in Italy, and resulting in the birth of a creature that could change the worldor at least this family. The Last Animal takes readers on a wild, entertaining, and refreshingly different kind of journey, one that explores the possibilities and perils of the human imagination on a changing planet, what its like to be a woman in a field dominated by men, and how a wondrous discovery can best be enjoyed with family. Even teenagers.
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The Last Animal: A Novel | Ramona Ausubel
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When teens Eve and Vera tag along with their mom on a paleontological research trip, they end up finding a mummified baby mammoth. Genetic hijinks ensue from there is a story that is whimsical and at times profoundly sad. I had tried and not liked this author before, but I really liked this. My only quibble is the choice of the audio reader to voice the daughters to make them sound far younger than teens and I felt that didn‘t work.

Soubhiville I really want to read this one. Maybe print would be better. 1mo
Hooked_on_books @Soubhiville Probably so. It‘s a good book that‘s absolutely worth reading, but teenagers don‘t sound like tiny, innocent little girls. It was a weird choice. It didn‘t ruin the book, but I certainly noticed it. 1mo
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The Last Animal: A Novel | Ramona Ausubel
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I have so so many books to read!! If only I could read for my day job 😌

sarahbarnes Truer words were never spoken. 😂 1mo
AmyG I had a job once as Secretary to the President of a trading company. He was NEVER there so I read all day. I read 99 books that year. 1mo
Tamra @AmyG what a job! You shouldn‘t have left it! 😆 1mo
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AmyG @Tamra Ha, I didn‘t. But it took them a year to find more things for me to do. I became in charge of HR! 1mo
Tamra @AmyG sometimes a promotion isn‘t a good thing. 😜🤣 1mo
Cinfhen SO MANY great titles! 😍 1mo
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