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Womb: The Inside Story of Where We All Began | Leah Hazard
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Page for page, I may not have ever learned more from a book.... Womb is a history book as well as a biology book but its also an adventure and a celebration. Rob Delaney, actor and author of A Heart That Works A groundbreaking, triumphant investigation of the uterusfrom birth to death, in sickness and in health, throughout history and into our possible futurefrom midwife and acclaimed writer Leah Hazard The size of a clenched fist and the shape of a light bulbwith no less power and potential. Every person on Earth began inside a uterus, but how much do we really understand about the womb? Bringing together medical history, scientific discoveries, and journalistic exploration, Leah Hazard embarks on a journey in search of answers about the bodys most miraculous and contentious organ. We meet the people who have shaped our relationship with the uterus: doctors and doulas, yoni steamers and fibroid-tea hawkers, legislators who would regulate the organs very existence, and boundary-breaking researchers on the frontiers of the field. With a midwifes warmth and humor, Hazard tackles pressing questions: Is the womb connected to the brain? Can cervical crypts store sperm? Do hysterectomies affect sexual pleasure? How can smart tampons help health care? Why does endometriosis take so long to be diagnosed? Will external gestation be possible in our lifetime? How does gender-affirming hormone therapy affect the uterus? Why does medical racism impact reproductive healthcare? A clear-eyed and inclusive examination of the cultural prejudices and assumptions that have made the uterus so poorly understood for centuries, Womb takes a fresh look at an organ that brings us pain and pleasurea small part of our bodies that has a larger impact than we ever thought possible.
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The uterus is an interesting organ, and I‘ve removed quite a few of them from dogs and cats, so when my library purchased this book by a Scottish midwife all about it, I had to bite.

Hazard follows the life cycle of the uterus from quiescent childhood to pregnancy and childbirth to quiescence again at menopause. She speaks to other experts and looks at historical breakthroughs too. If you‘re a health sciences nerd, this one‘s for you!

Cinfhen Interesting 😊 3d
Bklover This really sounds fascinating! 3d
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Megabooks @Bklover it was!! 👍🏻👍🏻 3d
Chelsea.Poole Stacked! 3d
Megabooks @Chelsea.Poole yay!! 3d
BarbaraTheBibliophage Def stacking 2d
DinoMom This one sounds interesting 2d
youneverarrived Sounds fascinating! 2d
Lucy_Anywhere If you‘re into podcasts, 28-ish days later by the BBC is a really interesting look at the menstrual cycle. Each episode is only 10-15 mins and focuses on each day of the cycle - I found it a fab listen! 2d
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