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Dungeon Crawlers Academy Book 1
Dungeon Crawlers Academy Book 1 | J.P. Sullivan, Elmer Damaso
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When four kids went through a mysterious portal, they discovered an endless dungeon full of treasure, monsters, and magic! They returned home as heroes. But when adults tried to enter the portal, they couldn't. Only kids were granted access. And so the Dungeon Crawlers Academy was born: a school devoted to training young adventurers to explore the dungeon and bring back its fabulous treasures. Nathan always dreamed of being a hero. A dangerous encounter with a tiny dragon becomes his ticket into the Academy. Now, a whole new life awaits, as Nathan struggles to learn how to use magic...and survive school!
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Dungeon Crawlers Academy Book 1 | J.P. Sullivan, Elmer Damaso
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So excited because they just announced the 2023 Greater Charlotte Book Crawl and there are more stores participating this year! (This is the 2022 crawl pictured) I cannot wait to buy allllllll the books!

kspenmoll What is this about? Charlotte Bronte? 2w
BarkingMadRead @kspenmoll no, it‘s Charlotte NC, these are all Indie bookstores, and they have giveaways if you shop in April and they do a drawing on the last day. My friend and I do the whole crawl in one day, it‘s so much fun! I try and buy something from each store 2w
KathyWheeler That sounds like so much fun! 2w
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Ruthiella @kspenmoll My first thought was Charlotte Brontë too. ? 2w
Meshell1313 Soo fun! 2w
julieclair How fun!! My son and his fiancée live in Charlotte. I think April will be the perfect time to visit them! ?? 2w
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