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The Sisters Sputnik
The Sisters Sputnik: A Novel | Terri Favro
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It does what readers ask of a Storyteller: keeps things fast-moving and entertaining. Its a breezy joy. Publishers Weekly Together, the Sisters Sputnik are the badassest kickass duo since Tank Girl and Jet Girl. If you like your speculative fiction sardonic, weird, sprightly and intelligent, you will love this splendid book. Candas Jane Dorsey, author of Black Wine and Ice and Other Stories An odyssey wrapped in a love story, set in a near-future of artificial people The Sisters Sputnik are a time-traveling trio of storytellers-for-hire who are much in demand throughout the multiverse of 2,052 alternate worlds. Each world was created by the detonation of a nuclear bomb in Earth Standard Time, home of the Sisters leader, aging comic book creator Debbie Reynolds Biondi, her 20-something apprentice Unicorn Girl, and their pop cultureloving AI, Cassandra. Tales of Earth Standard Time-That-Was, from World Wars to the space race to Hollywood celebrities, have turned the Sisters into storytelling rock stars. In a distant reality where books and music have disappeared, Debbie finds herself in bed with an old Earth Standard Time lover who begs her to tell him a story. Over one long, eventful night, she spins the epic of the Sisters adventures in alternate realities, starting with the theft of a book of evil comic strips in a post-pandemic Toronto full of ghost kitchens and robot-worshipping lost children known as junksters, to a disco-era purgatory where synthetic people are sending humans into the past through a reverse-engineered Statue of Liberty, to a version of the 1950s where the Sisters meet a rising star named Frank Sinatra and his girlfriend, the once-and-future Queen of England.
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I am a sucker for a multiverse story, even if I am sometimes not in the right headspace for a multiverse dystopia. There‘s a LOT in this book and my energy flagged a couple of times, but overall this was good and I am glad I borrowed it.

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This was not the sci-fi multiverse romp I was expecting; it was a sci-fi multiverse dystopia. Publication of the audio edition is expected June 30. Read my full review here: https://debbybrauer.org/#the-sisters-sputnik

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