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From the Kitchen of Half Truth
From the Kitchen of Half Truth | Maria Goodin
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Thank you so much @mcipher for my wonderful #SpookySummerSwap box! Sorry it is such a late post—it was a long day but your box was a treat to come home to open! I live the books. I have been meaning to read The Historian & although I read The Scent Master, I loved it & it was a library book so I‘m excited to have a copy. The tagged book is unfamiliar to me but sounds perfect! I am loving all of the little journals which will be fun for my junk⬇️

DebinHawaii …journaling crafts. I‘m intrigued by the tiki bath bomb with incense & it smells great. The little mermaid pouch is adorable & I love the bookmark (it‘s totally me right now!) 😆 & I look forward to trying all the global candies & chocolate. The wrap was cute too! Thank you Thank you!!! 🤗

Mahalo to @paperwitchs for the fun swap! 👻
(edited) 3mo
mcipher I‘m so glad you liked it! You have one other book coming from Amazon too. I have to apologize for any condition issues- LMK and I can send brand new copies (I love used books but not everyone feels the same and ThriftBooks “like new” isn‘t what it used to be). 3mo
tpixie @mcipher so thoughtfully wonderful!!! 3mo
DebinHawaii @mcipher No worries! It‘s all good! 3mo
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