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Dressed to Kilt
Dressed to Kilt | Hannah Reed
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The national bestselling author of "Hooked on Ewe" is back with a mysterious murder that leaves the Scottish village of Glenkillen shaken and stirred... Winter is leaving the residents of Glenkillen snowbound, but Eden isn t about to let the weather dampen her spirits. With only a little time left in Scotland, she s determined to make the most of it starting with attending a fancy whisky tasting with local looker Leith Cameron. But her classy date turns into a major party foul after a woman is found drowned in one of the vats of alcohol. Eden immediately steps in as a Special Constable to help solve the case, but her investigation turns sour when she realizes that the killer could be somehow connected to her own Scottish heritage. Now, in order to find the proof she needs to put the murderer behind bars, she ll have to take a shot at unearthing her family s past before she herself winds up buried..."
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Dressed to Kilt | Hannah Reed
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That awful feeling when you wake up to this notice on your library account. They put this block on because the paperback book I returned had water damage on it. It had water damage when I checked it out from the library. I guess they didn‘t notice it when the last person returned it. They were really nice about it & removed the block. I would have bought a new book if I damaged it. Crisis averted! I know you Littens would understand my panic.

jhod Eeeeek!!! 8mo
LA_Mead I feel your pain! 8mo
Texreader Yikes! Yes. Glad it worked out 8mo
RaimeyGallant Wow! I never realized this could happen. 8mo
melbeautyandbooks @jhod @LA_Mead @Texreader Thanks for understanding my frustration. I can‘t be in trouble with the library. 😃 @RaimeyGallant I had no idea that could happen either. I will be more careful when I check books out to point out any damage. I don‘t want this to happen again. 8mo
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Dressed to Kilt | Hannah Reed

Right. Well, the protagonist really needs to get over the pepper spray, the driving issue, and her shoot-first attitude. I liked it enough, but the story was predictable. Not the best of the series. I'll read the next one but if she doesn't widen up I'm through.