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Cover-Up Story
Cover-Up Story | Marian Babson
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Its curtains for an interfering stage mother in this frothy, funny mystery from an Agatha Awardwinning author (Kirkus Reviews). London public relations firm Perkins & Tate has a potentially lucrative new client: the American country singer known as Black Bart. Unfortunately, the Nashville sensation comes with a reputation for chasing underage groupiesand an entourage that includes both his comedienne wife and her driven, controlling stage mother . . . who soon dies under highly suspicious circumstances. Now Douglas Perkins and his partner, Gerry Tate, need to put the best face on the chaosbut its hard to focus on PR when youve got to play PI . . . Rollicking . . . Babson has a coolly amused, ironic voice . . . [A] fast-paced mystery. Publishers Weekly A vivid cast of characters. Kirkus Reviews
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Cover-Up Story | Marian Babson
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This is the introduction to Perkins and Tate, and the competent, yet unlucky, PR Man, Doug Perkins.

I highly enjoyed Murder at the Cat Show (foreshadowed at the end of this one), but the Cover-Up Story is just too depressing. The PR “Client” is a piece of work, and his horribleness goes on and on. At times it is utterly cringeworthy. I didn‘t enjoy the mystery, as much as look forward to the end of the story.


Book 3 - #BFC

Librarybelle That does sound bad! 6mo
mabell @Librarybelle Yes, it definitely wasn‘t one of those you finish and think - that was fun! 6mo
ferskner Oh no! Onward to a good one! 6mo
mabell @ferskner So true! 6mo
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