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Murder at the Cat Show
Murder at the Cat Show | Marian Babson
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Catty Murder Doug Perkins doesn't dislike cats-he just isn't especially interested in them. But the struggling young London public relations firm of Perkins and Tate can't afford to be choosy about the jobs they take. So when Doug is asked to do the PR for a glorified feline extravaganza called "Cats Through the Ages," he doesn't hesitate. But it isn't long before he wishes he had hesitated... There are some very valuable cats on exhibit-even a few feline celebrities. Then the robbery of a gold statue of Dick Whittington's cat sets nerves on edge. The theft is not exactly a PR man's dream, but this disaster pales in comparison to the gruesome murder that follows. Someone has knocked unconscious the show's organizer, the universally despised Rose Chesne-Malverne, and pushed her into the cage with a pair of feral tigers fancifully named Pyramus and Thisbe-with predictably fatal results. Now, it's up to Doug to find an elusive killer who appears to have nine lives of his own...
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Murder at the Cat Show | Marian Babson
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Well that was fun!

Do you like cats?

Do you like light-hearted mysteries with “characters”?

Then this is for you! Best described as an “Ode to the Cat” story with a few mysteries to be solved. The protagonist, a PR man, is tackling their latest job - handling the public relations for a cat show. Tongue in cheek, yet fairly educational on the behind the scenes of a show. I highly enjoyed the narration.

Book 3 - #bookfitnesschallenge

Crazeedi 👍❤might have to check this out! 7mo
mabell @Crazeedi You should! I listened to it through hoopla. 😊 7mo
wanderinglynn Great review! 7mo
Crazeedi @mabell thanks for info!! 7mo
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