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The Negro in Illinois
The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers | Brian Dolinar
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The Negro in Illinois was produced by a special division of the Illinois Writers' Project, one of President Roosevelt's Works Progress Administration programs. Headed by Harlem Renaissance poet Arna Bontemps and white proletarian writer Jack Conroy, The Negro in Illinois employed Richard Wright, Margaret Walker, Katherine Dunham, Fenton Johnson, Frank Yerby, Richard Durham, and other major black writers living in Chicago. The authors chronicled the African American experience in Illinois from the beginnings of slavery to the Great Migration. Individual chapters discuss various aspects of public and domestic life, recreation, politics, religion, literature, and performing arts. After the project's cancellation in 1942, most of the writings went unpublished for more than half a century--until now. Editor Brian Dolinar provides an informative introduction and epilogue which explain the origins of the project and place it in the context of the Black Chicago Renaissance.
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This week, NPR Illinois reported that a local prison removed over 200 books from its library prison. The majority of the banned books were about race, and included the book picture here, which is a academic, peer reviewed book of the Works Progress Administration about the African American experience in Illinois.

article link: https://www.nprillinois.org/post/illinois-prison-removes-more-200-books-prison-l...

Samplergal People making these decisions are a$$holes. 2mo
SW-T Interesting. Thinking some of those titles should have stayed. Like the ones about family visiting prisoners and how to re-enter society 🙄 2mo
ReadosaurusText @SW-T The list of books they removed is actually a really excellent race studies syllabus. 2mo
SW-T @ReadosaurusText Most definitely! I actually made note of a couple titles. 1mo
ReadosaurusText @SW-T Yes! 🤓 1mo
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