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Dysphoria: An Appalachian Gothic | Sheldon Compton
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What can you save with a Mason jar? Money? A life? When Paul heads back to Red Knife, Kentucky for his father's funeral, his visit turns into an extended stay and a search for the people and places that made his dad so dysphoric about life. What he finds is years of tumult and abuse and shame, all centered on one day, long ago, and an accident at an abandoned mine tipple. The hauntings of the past become all too real for Paul, and, as he comes to grips with his father's death, his own life is endangered... A new Appalachian gothic from Sheldon Lee Compton, the man Donald Ray Pollock has called "a hillbilly Bukowski, one of the grittiest writers to come down the pike since Larry Brown."
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Dysphoria was interesting. The first 100 pages I was very confused. I didn‘t feel like I had a grasp on anything. I found all of the characters dislikable and over dramatic. Then the next 100 pages came together and was very action packed. It was both disturbing and heartbreaking.


Vivlio_Gnosi Love the stars. I need to start doing that. #GoodCall 3mo
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The only bright side to pre-operation testing reading in the waiting room.

rather_be_reading i love your pants! 3mo
DivineDiana I hope it is minor! 3mo
IamIamIam Best of luck!!! I used to schedule pretesting appointments. I absolutely loved that job, warts and all! Um... no pun intended... because sometimes there were warts... moving on... 😬 3mo
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megzlynn @rather_be_reading Thanks! They are my favorites. I wear them way too much. 😂 3mo
megzlynn @DivineDiana Thank you! It is. Just a minor laser procedure. I‘ll at least have a couple of days of down time so I‘m stocked up on books. 😂 3mo
megzlynn @IamIamIam Oh gosh! I‘m glad mine is not wart involved. 😂 3mo
IamIamIam @megzlynn 😂😂😂 3mo
Hazel0303 Love the pants and good luck! 3mo
megzlynn @Hazel0303 Thank you! 3mo
SW-T Hope everything goes well for you 😊 3mo
Fridameetslucy This book sounds intense and a great path into diversion - sending you healing energy from nyc! 3mo
dariazeoli Good luck!🍀 3mo
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1. I am a true mood reader. I go for whatever I am craving at the time.
2. I live in rural Alabama so a train is a foreign concept to me and the only buses we have are school buses. We have to drive everywhere we go. But I do read in the car when my husband drives.
3. Life things distract me. I have a large family so I always have some sort of event to go to.
4. Jack Daniels and Coke
5. @123alian

QueenJen Love your choice of beverage! 😉🥃 3mo
Eggs Jack Daniels 🥃 🤗🌸 3mo
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This cover speaks to my Alabama heart. ❤️

Exbrarian I thought it was against the law to have a heart in Alabama? 3mo
megzlynn @Exbrarian Bless your heart. You must not know a lot about Alabama. There are some really good people here. We just get a bad name from a select few. 3mo
alanacristin Ohhhh, this looks like a perfect fit for this Alabama mama as well 💗 3mo
Fridameetslucy I send you folks lots of strength to live in your state and be a woman. I couldn‘t do it. The tagged book looks like it really gets to the legacy of trauma. 3mo
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