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My Life with the Chimpanzees
My Life with the Chimpanzees | Jane Goodall
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The well-known English zoologist describes her early interest in animals and how this led to her study of chimpanzees at the Gombe Stream Reserve in Tanzania.
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1. What we have is “Chimp Haven,” a sanctuary for rescued & retired chimps, many of them used laboratories. (I‘m very proud of this place, as you can tell!)
2. Yes, about 3 years ago (Shame on me!)
3. Koala bears 🐻 I love them!
4. Yes—giraffes, dolphins & raccoons (do raccoons 🦝 count?)
5. Hiya: @Leftcoastzen @Velvetfur @Chrissyreadit @Klou @EadieB
And thanks @Crazeedi for #thursdaysurvey (on Friday 😂)

Chrissyreadit Thanks for tagging me! I had a previous tag so my answers were up. 2mo
ravenlee Hey - you‘re in my neck of the woods (NWLA)! I haven‘t made it to Chimp Haven, though. 2mo
gradcat @Chrissyreadit Sorry! I guess I was just thinking of you! 🥰 2mo
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gradcat @ravenlee Where are you? I‘m in Shreveport. My brother was working on a project last time I went, and so I tagged along with him. I think I‘d like to go again, though. 2mo
Chrissyreadit @gradcat 🥰🥰🥰- you‘re in LA? How funny that the zoo in New Orleans is one of my favorites! Albino Crocs!!!! 2mo
ravenlee I live in Bossier! Small world. I kept trying to get to Chimp Haven in the fall when my daughter was studying animals for science, but we got lazy. 2mo
gradcat @Chrissyreadit I have to admit that I‘ve been to the N.O. zoo more often than I‘ve been to Chimp Haven. That‘s really terrible, but when you go to New Orleans, the zoo is a big draw—and yes, I, too, love those albino alligators. They‘re really kind of magical 🐊! ♥️ 2mo
gradcat @ravenlee It‘s not like you can just go there, either. They have very specific hours. My cousins were here visiting from San Diego & Virginia a few years ago, and we had to make a special appointment to go! Oh, and yes! We‘re very close! I have two very special friends who live in Bossier! ♥️ (edited) 2mo
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Who else is thinking about Halloween?

I tried to convince my husband Ad(d)am that we should go as Wednesday & Pugsley... but he wouldn't agree to be Wednesday. 😂 And if I can't have my dream of seeing a bearded Wednesday, I want no part of it!

Now I'm choosing between: Charlie Bucket, Baa Baa Black Sheep/The Black Sheep of the Family, Jane Goodall, and/or Coraline. Decisions, decisions!

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She inspires from getting involved in a field that wasn't (isn't) female friendly to the work she has accomplished almost single-handedly, all the while never giving up hope. The world would be a better place for all its beings, if we were more like Jane Goodall. #photoadaynov16

RealLifeReading Indeed! 3y
RealLifeReading Oh and my kids recently read and enjoyed 3y
LeahBergen Love her! ❤️ 3y
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