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Black Cherry Blues
Black Cherry Blues | James L Burke
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Winner of the Edgar award for best novelEvil crept into Dave Robicheaux's bayou world one night and destroyed the woman he loved. Now it's threatening the life of his innocent child.Framed for murder, the Cajun ex-cop is traveling far from his Louisiana home to clear his name, to help a friend, to save what remains of his family seeking justice and revenge in the Big Sky Country of Montana."
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Black Cherry Blues | James L Burke
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(Day 10 - #BlueBayou)

It‘s not blue—but this is my own private bayou, just outside the gate of my backyard. It‘s called Bayou Tarkiln. I tagged James Lee Burke‘s book for two reasons: He is from Louisiana, and like me, has seen his fair share of bayous; and this particular novel has Dave Robicheaux trying to solve the mystery of a dead body found in a bayou. That‘s blue enough, I think....

KathyWheeler I went to New Iberia for a gumbo festival and saw Victor‘s with its “Dave Robicheaux eats here” sign. Someday, I will go back during a less busy time and actually eat there. 😊 9mo
gradcat @KathyWheeler Do you live around here? Or were you visiting? 9mo
batsy How wonderful! 9mo
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KathyWheeler @gradcat I was visiting a friend in Lafayette; I used to live in Pineville. Now I‘m in Alabama. 9mo
Lizpixie I‘d have loved to visit your home state one day👍❤️ 9mo
gradcat @Lizpixie I so wish you could—right now—I‘d love it! 🥰 9mo
gradcat @KathyWheeler I certainly know where Pineville is...I had a good friend in college that was from there. I‘m going to ask what is probably a stupid question, but here goes: Do you like it better where you are now? 9mo
andrew61 Great image. 9mo
KathyWheeler @gradcat You would think I would because I love the ocean and I‘m closer to that, but there was something about Louisiana that made me feel that I was finally home. So I miss it. 9mo
gradcat @andrew61 Thank you! 🙏 9mo
gradcat @KathyWheeler There is something about Louisiana that gets in the very soul of a person...I was born here, and although I don‘t love where I live now, I really appreciate the people...and the tenor of the place. 9mo
KathyWheeler @gradcat My mom was French Canadian from Nova Scotia; I look a lot like her. When I lived there, people always thought I was Cajun and that they knew me from somewhere. 9mo
gradcat @KathyWheeler Why does that sound like my cousins in south Louisiana? They always think all the Cajuns must be their kin! 😂😂 9mo
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