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The Elric Saga
The Elric Saga | Michael Moorcock
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The Elric Saga | Michael Moorcock
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Over the time of the COVID pandemic I've been collecting all the Michael Moorcock books. This is the second one I've dived into. Elric is the antihero most other scifi/fantasy antiheroes are based on. A servant of Chaos, but destined to keep the balance between Law and Chaos. This is only the beginning of my journey into the Moorcock multiverse.

Bookwomble I re-read Elric a few years ago - Great trip down memory lane! How're you looking it? I'm thinking of queuing up Hawkmoon for 2021 re-read. 11mo
speljamr @Bookwomble I'm planning on eventually getting through all of the Moorcock books. I got two down for this year. Queueing up Jerry Cornelius in The Final Program next. It'll take me a few years to get through everything, but I'll probably try to squeeze in 4ish Moorcock books each year. 11mo
Therewillbebooks Where's a good place to start with the Elric books? I've actually only read The War Amongst the Angels as far as Moorcock goes. 11mo
speljamr This is the first volume of Elric, so this is the place to start with him. Keep in mind Moorcock's books are mostly all set in his multiverse and many of the primary characters are variations on his Eternal Champion who must balance Chaos and Law. Elric of Melniboné is the first story in the linked volume. The War Amongst the Angels is actually the 3rd book in another trilogy that starts with Blood: a Southern Fantasy 11mo
speljamr @Therewillbebooks ^ I forgot to tag your name in the reply. 11mo
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