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Cortazar Cuentos Completos
Cortazar Cuentos Completos | Julio Cortzar
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Incluye todos los cuentos de: La otra orilla, Bestiario, Las armas secretas, y Final del juego. ENGLISH DESCRIPTION Cortazar is a must for any reader. His stories brilliantly portray unlikely beings full of magic and tenderness. They are the greatest synthesis of his literary work as well as an opportunity to embark on an endless voyage, guided by the hand of a true master. Cortazar's literature is brought to life in three exceptional volumes written by this immortal cronopio, one of the best storytellers of the twentieth century. The collection includes an in-depth introduction by Mario Vargas Llosa.
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vivastory !! Too awesome! Love it 👏 👏 👍 👍 Love Cortazar 3y
Faibka @vivastory Thanks! And yes, he's brilliant, "Hopscotch" is one of my all time favorite novels ? 3y
RealLifeReading That's cool! 3y
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vivastory @Faibka I love "Hopscotch" as well as "Cronopios & Famas" 3y
Kimzey Wow! 3y
Faibka @vivastory yeah! 👍 Now I have to ask, did you read Hopscotch in the regular order (from start to finish) or in the order suggested by Cortazar? This actually caused a heated debate with a friend 😂 3y
vivastory @faibka I read from start to finish. I've always wanted to do a reread using the order suggested by Cortazar. You? 3y
Faibka @vivastory cool! I actually read it in the order suggested by him (I noticed he left out one or two chapters which I read afterwards) but I've also thought about re-reading it from start to finish 🤔 another challenge perhaps?... 😜 Hopscotch reread! 🙃 3y
vivastory @faibka Hopscotch would be a really fun one to do in the summer 3y
Suet624 Ooohhh. Loved Hopscotch. Read it both ways but it was years ago so I only remember snippets of the book. The book sits on my shelf still, waiting for a reread. 3y
Faibka @Suet624 @vivastory Excellent! Should we do a summer reread then? 😃 I'm all for it! 3y
Suet624 Sure! 3y
Faibka @Suet624 Great! Can I ask, when you read it both ways do you remember getting a very different feel for the book? It has always bugged me that maybe I should have read it in order the first time but still I had a lot of fun flipping back and forth and don't remember feeling that it was out sequence 3y
Suet624 Honestly I don't remember. I read it almost 40 years ago. Maybe we should start reading it the alternative way first! 3y
Faibka @Suet624 sounds good! 😊 3y
vivastory @faibka I would definitely be game for a summer reread of "Hopscotch" 3y
Faibka @vivastory great!!! 👏👏👏 😃 ok, then we'll set it up in a few months 👍 3y
vivastory @faibka Sounds great 3y
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