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Things that Fall from the Sky
Things that Fall from the Sky | Selja Ahava
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One quirk of fate can send life spiralling in the most unexpected direction... Things that Fall from the Sky is a stunning narrative that explores the unexpected and inexplicable nature of reality. Three lives are changed forever by a series of random events: a young girl loses her mother when a block of ice falls from the sky; a woman wins the jackpot twice; and a man is struck by lightning four times. Selja Ahava weaves together these unique stories in a charming, one-of-a-kind tale about just how far people will go to force life into a logical pattern they can make sense of. Things that Fall from the Sky is a story of everyday life. But it is also a meditation on the passing of time, the endurance of love and the pain of loss. This prize-winning novel by one of Finlands best-loved writers is now touching readers hearts all over the world, painting an unforgettable picture of the unforeseen twists and turns that can define a lifetime.
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Physically I'm here, mentally I'm far, far away.🤪😴
It's time to go sleep and preparing for another adventure. Tomorrow I'm going to the swimming pool with my girls (my baby and my sister).
What's your plan for tomorrow?
Wish you a sweet dreams.😚

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I got this book from our publisher to write honest review. I have so mixed feelings about it. It's good book. Characters thinks about stuff that happend to them. Is this coincidence or fate?
3.5 stars

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maich Reading challenge:
- #mmdchallenge #mmdreading : A book outside your (genre) confort zone
- The year of reading womens writers: Short story book
- #litjoyreadingchallenge : A book in a genre you don't normally read
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A quirky little gem of a book.

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It's supposed to be mild, but...

"In a film, memories appear in black and white....Time doesn't make Mum dwindle, nor do the colours fade. Mum just explodes into pieces and the pieces remain floating in the air...."

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