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Maurice Sendak's Little Bear: Spring Cleaning
Maurice Sendak's Little Bear: Spring Cleaning | Else Holmelund Minarik
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Little Bear and his parents are doing their spring cleaning, but when Mother Bear wants to throw out the things they don't use anymore, they aren't so sure it's a good idea.
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Instead of reading tonight I decided to do some #springcleaning to my #tbr. It may still be a huge number but I removed at least 100 books! 😊

LiterRohde That‘s what I fear my list would start to look like if all I did was catalog the books I own but have not read. Then add in the library and all the other ‘that sounds interesting‘ books I come across everywhere... 2y
introvertedbooks @LiterRohde that is included all my books I own but haven't read and everything else lol. It's the only way I actually remember what I want to read lol. 2y
LiterRohde @introvertedbooks I need to take the time to do that. 2y
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introvertedbooks @LiterRohde I did it a little at a time. It helps a lot when you are struggling to pick what to read next. 2y
SydBookReader That‘s good reads! You should follow me 2y
introvertedbooks @sydnimekael I'm always down for adding friends. What is your name there? 2y
SydBookReader @introvertedbooks same on here and it‘s in my bio too 2y
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