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The Fugitive
The Fugitive | Marcel Proust
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In the sixth volume of the series fitting seems that Proust's past actions conclude with a fair resolution. The captive is now the fugitive. Like in previous volumes, envy and distrusts eventually reveals unsuspected and unwanted revelations that leads Proust to reconcile himself with his melancholy. But unfortunately happiness still running away for him, and the marriage of his once good friends face him against his own misery which he tries to cover with indifference.
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The Fugitive | Marcel Proust
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On this raining autumn day I finally finished another Proust.
In between the typical, endless meandering sentences, there does happen a lot in this 6th book of In Search of Lost Time. Albertine loses much of her magic when Marcel learns more about her after she falls from a horse. He feels finally free to visit Venice with his mother. Also he meets Gilberte again, on the brink of yet another unhappy marriage, of which the series has a lot!

Liz_M Captive/Fugitive were the weakest part of this story. The last volume has some stunning writing, as good or better than the best bits in the first volume! 6h
BarbaraBB @Liz_M That is good to know! I‘ll start it next month and will read about 50 pages a month so a year from now I will be finished. I think my next 1001 project then will be 6h
thebluestocking This is highly impressive. I have the first four volumes but haven‘t read past the first chapter of volume one! 5h
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BarbaraBB @thebluestocking It took me almost three years to get this far 😄 5h
jveezer I love Proust and am on the middle of a reread with the recent English translations. I‘m on Sodom & Gomorrah, which is the last one of the new translations available in the USA due to copyright, so I‘ll have to find used copies that someone bought in Europe to finish the cycle... 5h
BarbaraBB @jveezer I‘m reading them in Dutch or I would have send you my copies! 5h
thebluestocking @jveezer I didn‘t know the rest of the translations were done but not available in the US! I‘ll have to hunt down the others. 3h
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The Fugitive | Marcel Proust
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Sometime last fall, high on cappuccino and the wisdom of Pippi Longstocking (I've never tried that before, so I'm sure I'm good at it), I offered to embroider 2 (!) Norwegian national costumes from my region (sunnmørsbunad). Now I just have to practice and learn how... all I can say is thank God for Audible 😅🙈 At the right you see today's practice, at the left what the finished product should look like.

Karkar I love Norwegian National Costumes. It is so interesting to see all the different ones! 9mo
BookInMyHands Wow! Good for you! I hope you‘ll keep posting what you create while you listen. Audiobooks are what get me to work-out in the morning, but no one wants to see that 🤣 9mo
HannaPolkadots @Karkar - glad to hear it! I love them too, and always feel sort of proud when I get to wear it 😊 Do you have a favorite? 9mo
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HannaPolkadots @BookInMyHands - the posting will continue!👍😀 9mo
Karkar @HannaPolkadots I really like the one that my cousin has. She is from Norway and I feel bad because I cannot remember what region it is for. It is a pretty blue color with red flowers. I will have to see if I can find my picture. 9mo
DivineDiana I love embroidery. Cheers to you! 9mo
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