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Delia's Winter Collection
Delia's Winter Collection | Delia Smith, Flo Bayley
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Delia's Winter Collection takes up where her bestselling Summer Collection left off, completing the full cycle of the cooking calendar. It is a joyful celebration of the season, rich with autumn fruits and winter vegetables, fish and game, soups and roasts, casseroles and comfort food. Delia seeks to investigate new ways to bring out the fullest flavour of ingredients, whether it's by oven-roasting or grilling to concentrate the essence of a dish, or by her individual blending of flavours to transform even the simplest of recipes. Delia has searched out new ways to save you time, and shares her recipe ideas for creamy risottos made in the oven, vegetable combinations to cook alongside main courses, and preserves that eliminate fuss. As millions of Delia Smith's followers have come to expect, her Winter Collection reassures the least confident of cooks while offering inspiration to the more experienced, now re-issued with a beautiful new jacket.
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Delia's Winter Collection | Delia Smith, Flo Bayley
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#DecDays #WinterSong ❄️🎼All the books in my stacks with 'winter' in the title or subtitle. Two winter cookbooks, three novels. Winter People & Winter Bloom have both been sitting in my #TBR piles 📚📚📚forever. I should join @Cinfhen and start reading Winter People. And the cat with snow on its head is a picture I saw online that made me smile. ❄️🐱💙

KarenUK Love that Delia book... so many delicious recipes... 💕 2y
Cinfhen That other cookbook caught my attention @KarenUK 2y
Cinfhen Happy Holidays, Deb 😊😘💝 2y
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DebinHawaii @KarenUK @Cinfhen Both cookbooks are great. UK chefs are the best! 🍽📚👍 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Happy Holidays to you too my friend! 💙❤️💚 2y
Cinfhen FYI: Winter people is ok...nothing you need to grab 2y
DebinHawaii @Cinfhen Bummer! Well considering I put it in the pile of every readathon I've done & it never gets picked up and read, I guess I'm not in a real hurry. 😆If my library had it in audio I would have probably finished it by now. 2y
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