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The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica
The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica | Todd Brown
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Sit. Stay. LEAD!The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica is a re-imagining of history, telling the story of the forty-four men who have led this nation as if they were furry, fun-loving dogs. How would a rambunctious pooch have handled the Embargo Act of 1807? Or the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or a Civil War?! This coffee table book answers these questions, as well as provides the reader with an endless supply of historical and pawlitically charged puppy puns. Consti-CHEW-tion, anyone?Since every president is matched to a different breed of dog, this full color volume provides the reader with a concise personality profile for each represented breed.It's a great gift idea for animal lovers, history buffs, goofballs, hipsters, and children of all ages. Learn about history! Learn about dogs! All while laughing your silly head off. The Presidogs of the United States of Pawmerica is a quirky, educational and thoroughly adogable read for the whole family!
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Love dogs? Puns? History? If so, I highly recommend this re-imagining of American history, detailing the birth of our nation and summarizing the 45 presidents as dogs. Yes, you read that correctly: dogs. And it is as witty as it is enjoyable. Every president is given a dog breed and their name is blended with that dog! Beginning with George Welshington and concluding with Dobernald J. Dump, this is one book you won‘t want to miss! Factual AND fun!