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The Peacock Spring
The Peacock Spring | Rumer Godden
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Una and her younger sister Hal have been abruptly summoned to live in New Delhi by their diplomat father Sir Edward Gwithiam. From the first meeting with their new tutor and companion, the beautiful Eurasian Alix Lamont, Una senses a hidden motive to their presence. But through the pain of the months to come, the poetry and logic of India do not leave Una untouched. And it begins with the feather, a promise of something genuine and precious . . . In The Peacock Spring Rumer Godden evokes the magic of an India she knows so well and all the bitter sweetness of loyalty and love. And in the preface she explains how this perennially popular novel came to be written. One of the finest English novelists Orville Prescott
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The Peacock Spring | Rumer Godden
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Made a quick overnight to Maine this week and found another good used bookstore. Happy with my haul and particularly pleased to have found the last book in Cora Sandel's Alberta trilogy.

LeahBergen Fabulous haul! 👍 8mo
Leftcoastzen Wow ! 8mo
sherri Those covers are wonderful! 8mo
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batsy Wow, what a haul 😍 8mo
merelybookish @LeahBergen I thought of you when I found the Goudge. 🙂 8mo
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen @batsy It felt pretty lucky! And all the books had a set price so regretting a few I left behind now. 8mo
merelybookish @sherri Yes the Godden and the Goudge are both pretty special. 8mo
Leftcoastzen I can tell by what you picked out that their inventory must be vast ! Not afraid to carry oldies ! 8mo
merelybookish @Leftcoastzen The store wasn't that big or overcrowded. But it was located in the same town as one of those eccentric liberal arts Maine colleges. 8mo
Centique 😍 amazing finds! 8mo
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The Peacock Spring | Rumer Godden
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Laura317 Very pretty! 6y
Lmstraubie Yes! 😍 6y
LeslieO Beautiful! I went through a Rumer Godden period. I love her books. 6y
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Libby1 I haven't read this yet, @Laura317 and @Lmstraubie . Someday! 6y
Libby1 I was fascinated with Black Narcissus, @LeslieO . I bought this one on the strength of that book. Which of hers were your favourite? 6y
LeslieO I love that one, too. I enjoyed her memoirs (A Time to Dance, No Time to Weep ; A House with Four Rooms) and I loved a bunch of her novels: Kingfishers Catch Fire; The Battle of the Villa Fiorita; The Greengage Summer. So many! 6y
mcipher I never read this one and I loved Rumer Godden as a kid. I have read The Rocking Horse Secret at least 20 times, no joke. I have to read this now! 6y
annalibris China Cottage and A House with Four Rooms are two of my favorite books ever, but I got hooked on her because my favorite great-aunt gave me a copy of The Diddakoi when I was 10. Such a wonderful writer! 6y
Libby1 @LeslieO , @mcipher , @annalibris - thank you for the suggestions. I only discovered her work a few years ago when my son was a baby. I was really tired and trying to get through the day, and the movie of Black Narcissus was on TV. I thought if the book is even close to this good I've found a new author. It certainly was and I certainly did. 6y
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