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Catastrophic Happiness
Catastrophic Happiness: Finding Joy in Childhoods Messy Years | Catherine Newman
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A comic and heartwarming memoir about childhood's second act from Real Simple journalist Catherine Newman. Much is written about a child's infancy and toddler years, which is good since children will never remember it themselves. It is ages 4-14 that make up the second act, as Catherine Newman puts it in this delightfully candid, outlandishly funny new memoir about the years that "your children will remember as childhood." Following Newman's son and daughter as they blossom from preschoolers into teenagers, CATASTROPHIC HAPPINESS is about the bittersweet joy of raising children--and the ever-evolving landscape of issues parents traverse. In a laugh out-loud, heart-wrenching, relatable voice, Newman narrates events as momentous as grief and as quietly moving as the moonlit face of a sleeping child. From tantrums and friendship to fear and even sex, Newman's fresh take will appeal to any parent riding this same roller coaster of laughter and heartbreak.
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Current situation. There‘s a book under all that cat. #catsoflitsy

Tamra 😹 1mo
Lindy 😂 1mo
TNbookworm 😻😹 1mo
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Texreader 😻❤️❤️❤️ 9mo
Mdargusch That cat is so comfortable! 9mo
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Awwwwww love these two guys!!! 😍. My reading addiction has slowly rubbed off on my hubs!!! The kitty always thinks a book in ones hands is a sign that the said person is in dire need of cuddles

Johanna414 Nothing like a husband who reads! 😍 10mo
TheBookKeepers Yes! Even if I think his books are boring 😂😂😂 @Johanna414 10mo
kellyann28 I've noticed he has been quite a reader lately! 10mo
TheBookKeepers Hahaha between me and T he has immense pressure to keep up lol!! @kellyann28 10mo
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Name my new cat?

BlameJennyJane So adorable! No ideas for name. But so adorable!! 13mo
skaiareads @BlameJennyJane I'm thinking Tyr 13mo
BlameJennyJane @skaiareads oooo... a little Norse mythology? ❤️ it! 13mo
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Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Welcome to Litsy!!! 13mo
CoffeeNBooks Adorable cat! Welcome to Litsy! 📚 13mo
CarolynM Welcome to Litsy 🌼 13mo
BookNerd9906 Crookshanks 13mo
skaiareads @BookNerd9906 I like it :O 13mo
MaleficentBookDragon Welcome!😻 📚 13mo
Wife Welcome to Litsy!🌹 How about Ollie (Oliver or Olivia)? 13mo
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Sunday reading. Every time I sit down...

Aimeesue ❤️❤️❤️ 13mo
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This cat lives at the #BookBarn and is enchantingly gorgeous 😍

JoeStalksBeck ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 2y
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I love my GramGram Bears... 💖💖💖 #catsoflitsy

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"Just so you can use the bathroom one time without having a concurrent conversation about poop with the short person who has to stand with a consoling hand on your knee, looking worriedly up into your straining face." 1st page and I love it already ?

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The parent I want to be floats in and out of my life, and some days it speaks through me, and other days I lunge after it like it's a shaft of sunlight I want to capture.

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I have loved Catherine Newman's writing since the first time I read it, and I kind of think of her as my parenting spirit animal. She captures the elation, beauty, messiness, mistakes, & anxiety of raising children like no one else - & is absolutely hilarious, too. - S.B.

Michreads I almost got this book the other day but decided to wait. It's on my list. 4y
GinaAnderson I've read her stuff around the web for ages. She always manages to put into words exactly how I feel. 4y
Donna_sBookMinute OMG! I kid you not. I was JUST reminiscing to myself about how I danced with my brother like this when we were younger. Hmmm. Might check out the title. 3y
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But let me tell you - you won't believe it, but let me tell you anyway - you will watch them sleeping still and always: the illuminated down of their cheeks, their dark puffs of lips and dear, dark wedges of eyelashes, and you will feel exactly the way you feel now. Only better.

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Reading for work. Love my job!

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